Unrecoverable Error

Murph looks at a couple of file errors in QuickBooks Desktop by people trying to migrate from earlier versions to QuickBooks 2018 products. Read more

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QuickBooks 2018 Release 3 is Here!

Intuit has just made available the initial 'maintenance update' (R3) for the 2018 Desktop QuickBooks Products. Read more

Oct 30, 2017 7:05 PM From The Editor

Our old 'Data Detective' is back after a lengthy sojourn in the South of France. We catch up with him as he resumes work to resolve what first appears to be a frightening QuickBooks error. Read more

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Problems have been reported by Transaction Pro customers attempting to query Customer data in QuickBooks 2016. Read more

Vendor Corner

Rebuild Unrecoverable Error

Intuit: QuickBooks

Rebuild is designed to resolve QuickBooks problems, but if temporary tables its uses can not be created, the utility will fail. These are extremely rare forms of corruption; if you encounter them we would like to hear from you. Read more

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QuickBooks 2014 R6 – Sunscreen or Ointment?

QuickBooks has released maintenance update R6 for the 2014 product line including QuickBooks Enteprise 14; this is a 'long list' of updates, but it appears more 'cosmetic' than 'essential procedures' for what ails you. Read more

Jun 12, 2014 3:20 PM From The Editor

Intuit recommends this one solution as your first method to resolve these Unrecoverable Errors (and many other problems with the QuickBooks application). In many cases Reboot.bat maybe just the fix you need. Read more

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Unrecoverable Error - QuickBooks Must Shut Down

Intuit - QuickBooks

Do you get that queasy feeling when QuickBooks faults out during Rebuild? Well an Unrecoverable Error isn't necessarily a sign of 'deep seated data damage', it can be the result of a couple of common, easily resolved, problems you can resolve. Read more

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When QuickBooks crashes it can be an alarming event, when it crashes every time you perform the same task, that is a problem. In this episode of the Data Detective our old sleuth solves the Case of the Crashing Estimate Duplication. Read more

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How we respond in those first few minutes following a critical fault or unexpected shutdown of QuickBooks can make the difference between data preservation or loss. Read more

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QB-quickFix: Unrecoverable Error when opening QuickBooks file

This QB-quickFix describes possible causes and fixes for Unrecoverable Errors encountered when QuickBooks is attempting to open your Company (QBW) file. Read more

Jun 27, 2013 10:02 PM From The Editor 12 Comments

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