Undeposited Funds

Liz Scott takes you through the procedures and steps for handling instances where a bank transfer or credit card processed under QBO Payments is declined. more

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In continuing her series on the 10 Favorite Apps she and her firm use, Liz discusses CData Excel Add-in for QuickBooks Online. more

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Maybe you haven't noticed the fact that you don't have any 'red badges' appearing on your QuickBooks Desktop Home Page, ever wonder why? I guess we could subtitle this "What your QuickBooks Didn't Tell You." more

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This content is intended for use by ProAdvisors when instructing their clients in the use of QuickBooks Desktop. Here, Murph continues his examination of QuickBooks 'Money-In' features and functions. more

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QuickBooks 2017


In the final installment of our exclusive QuickBooks 2017 desktop products review, we take a closer look at other "Minor Features – Major Impact." The new program is slated for Sept. 19, 2016. more

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What If: "Undeposited Funds confuses me?"

Undeposited funds is like a drawer that holds your receipts till you are ready to take them to the bank and post them into QuickBooks. more

Feb 25, 2014 10:05 PM From The Editor

One of the most common mistakes QuickBooks users make, this article focuses on prevention and correction. more

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