The Transformative Advisor

Instead of a traditional 'first look' at the front-side of Qvinci, Murph takes a look at what's behind the new Qvinci Version 2 (aka: 'V2'). Read more

Vendor Corner 2 Comments

Joe Woodard summarizes the feedback from a series of three recent town hall meetings he held where Intuit representatives discussed QuickBooks Live and responded to audience questions. Read more

General Ledger 2 Comments

Joe Woodard provides his personal perspective and recommendations for bookkeepers on the QBO-Attached Bookkeeping Service Intuit is considering offering its users. Read more

General Ledger 4 Comments


Source: Woodard Events, LLC

With this four-part webinar series led by Joe Woodard you will explore and learn more about how an advisor can transform a small business into a successful and profitable small business. Read more

Training and Live Events

One of the most awaited announcements each year at Scaling New Heights is that of the location for the following year's conference. The announcement always comes at the very end of the conference Main Stage session... Read more

Training and Live Events 1 Comments

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