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I often say “filing tax returns doesn’t grow your firm, but strategy and planning do.” Nothing wrong with filing tax returns, but they simply support your current team, and serve your current clients. more

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John Pask, GoBenefits


John Pask, co-founder and managing member of GoBenefits, delves into what the benefits platform might look like in the future for employers with one to 99 employees. more

General Ledger

You can use the Update Return with QuickBooks Data command on the ProSeries Import menu to update a client’s federal individual return or federal business return with financial data from recent versions of QuickBooks (Desktop). more

Tax & Practice Management 2 Comments

Forewarned is forearmed. Be on the watch for this year's tax fraud schemes. Rob Shaff, IA's resident tax author reveals two of the newest cons that scam artists will attempt to rip you off while making you think it's the IRS doing it. more

Tax & Practice Management

With the 2014 tax filing season in full swing, what are some of the things that have change regarding your taxes. Contributor Rob Shaff has defined them as 'the good, the bad, and the hideous.' more

Tax & Practice Management 3 Comments

Have you ever heard of PEP and Pease? These two new taxes have a much greater reach than increasing tax rates or the new Net Investment Income tax. more

Tax & Practice Management 3 Comments

MIND OF MURPH - Are You a Procrastitaxnator? - I Am!

Are you one of the 11-million who will be observing October 15 as Procrastitaxnator's Day? - Your last day to file your taxes (on-time). more

Oct 14, 2013 8:05 PM From The Editor

Joe Woodard explains the importance of keeping your QuickBooks Company File(s) 'in sync' with your tax returns in this edition of True Joe Ways. more

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