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Newbies 2015

Figit Friends Newbies are the registered trademark of Mattel, Corporation.

Murph broke his 'favorite newbies' into different articles this year to give you more details on the 'why' he picked his favorites. In this edition he gives you his two-fold rationale about the enhanced IIF Import Utility. Read more

General Ledger

Murph shares the details, and his thoughts, about this exciting enhancement for QuickBooks 2019 Desktop. Read more

General Ledger 1 Comments

We wrap-up our in-depth review of INDUSTRIOS Manufacturing Software in this final installment of our mini-series. Read more

Vendor Corner

Apparently the R7 release update for QuickBooks 2017 included changes to the SDK App Authorization, even though there was nothing contained in the release notes about it. Murph takes a look. Read more

General Ledger

Murph has expanded the technical aspects of last year's QBO Errors course and changed the name to reflect it. Here, he introduces a taste of QBO App integration, including the 'OAuth' process and credentialing. Read more

General Ledger

The demise of Intuit Sync Manager can mean a serious inconvenience for small businesses using QuickBooks desktop connected to cloud based applications. This article looks at Import/Export technologies that might resolve your connectivity problems. Read more

Vendor Corner 1 Comments

Is QuickBooks Web Connector Making a Comeback?

With the demise of Sync Manager in the very near future, the most reasonable, efficient and cost-effective answer to replace Sync Manager is the QuickBooks Web Connector. Read more

Dec 8, 2015 8:48 PM From The Editor 1 Comments

BREAKING NEWS - Release Withdrawn (Intuit announced Release 7 for QuickBooks 2015 desktop versions on July 16th, with a variety of bug fixes, feature changes and improvements.) Read more

Vendor Corner 4 Comments

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