Sherlock Holmes

The Old Data Detective (Murph) explains the importance of observing the Sybase naming convention for all QuickBooks Company files. Read more

General Ledger

Murph invites you to come play a game of 'QuickBooks Clue' with him in his QuickBooks Desktop Super Geek 201 course at Scaling New Heights in June. "Together we will solve the mystery of QuickBooks 'who done it'." Read more

Training and Live Events 2 Comments

“...if you take the time to listen... the patient will eventually tell you what is really happening….” ProAdvisors all too often rush right in trying to figure out what is wrong without really listening to the user tell them what is really happening. Read more

General Ledger 4 Comments

When QuickBooks crashes it can be an alarming event, when it crashes every time you perform the same task, that is a problem. In this episode of the Data Detective our old sleuth solves the Case of the Crashing Estimate Duplication. Read more

General Ledger 6 Comments

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