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The majority of your work on the tax project is finished, but do you still exert a lot of effort chasing down signatures, waiting on approvals and trying to track down who has essential documents before you finalize everything? Learn how to fix this. Read more

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Sept. 11 @ 12 p.m. ET: Join us for a live webinar, hosted by eFileCabinet CEO Jesse Wood on the importance of transforming the way you do business by embracing new ways to work. Learn how to grow your business, implement automation and much more. Read more

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Murph gives you a 'peek' at 'Document Management' sponsors that are appearing at Scaling New Heights. Read more

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You can discover a new way to deal with paperwork and get some well-deserved anger therapy, at the same place and time. eFileCabinet will be at Scaling New Heights 2019, being held at Salt Lake City, UT next week. Read more

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The document management solution that has already shaken up how the industry deals with paperwork is introducing the latest iteration of its platform: Rubex by eFileCabinet. Read more

Vendor Corner

For his First Look Friday feature, Murph turns his spy glass toward Rubex - a new document management solution from eFileCabinet. But remember, this is a 'first look,' not an in-depth product review, in other words.... he's trying to keep it short. Read more

Vendor Corner

  • Rubex_logo

  • Rubex_06_sharing-security

    Rubex can have multiple layers of security including two-factor authentication along with specific permissions assigned by the Administrator to users at a high level of granularity within the application.


  • Rubex_04_client-portal

    Rubex allows you to use a client portal to not only exchange information but to give your clients access to any/all their information as you feel appropriate based upon permissions you set for each client.


  • Rubex_02_Porfolio

    Easily identify and access your most important cabinets, drawers and documents from the Rubex portfolio feature, then right-click to add any item to any portfolio.


  • Rubex_03_Template-edit

    Rubex templates maybe edited (or added) from the template tab; they can be applied to drawers to automatically sort incoming documents.


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