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Murph gives you his summary on QuickBooks for Mac 2020. Be sure to look for our companion Summary on the QuickBooks Desktop (for Windows) 2020 Product-line as well in today's headlines. Read more

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AutoEntry is a data capture tool designed to import bills, receipts, sales invoices, bank and credit card statements and more into QuickBooks. Read more

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Insightful Accountant sat down with ShoeBoxed co-founder Taylor Mingos to find out what the company is up to and how it might benefit ProAdvisors and small business advisors. Read more

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Learn to Use Neat to Manage Receipts and Documents

Neat is offering a live demo via Insightful Accountant's APP Academy on December 12 from 1:00 -1:30 Eastern. You will learn how to use the APP to simply your bookkeeping process. Read more

Dec 1, 2017 9:39 AM From The Publisher

Contributing author Liz Scott focuses her aim on eliminating clutter. Perhaps you need to do the same. Read more

General Ledger

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    User your iPhone camera to quickly scan in photographed bills, receipts, invoices, or other forms, then search them easily with new QB for Mac search features


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