Qvinci V2

Instead of a traditional 'first look' at the front-side of Qvinci, Murph takes a look at what's behind the new Qvinci Version 2 (aka: 'V2'). Read more

Vendor Corner 2 Comments

Qvinci Launches Version 2.0 – We call it V2. V2 adds new Business Intelligence, KPI’s and Reporting Tools (including integrated Charts and Graphs) to Qvinci’s Suite of Patented, Customizable and Templated Solutions. Read more

Vendor Corner

  • QvinciV2_Forecast-2yrPerforma

    This illustration shows that the V2 technology dramatically changes how accountants have historically reported financials. Qvinci purposely designed its report editor to mirror the most commonly used spreadsheet: Excel. This allows virtually unlimited permutations of business Intelligence, KPIs, and reporting packages to be at the users’ fingertips without the need to export financial data into Excel.


  • QvinciV2_KPI-reporting

    Qvinci V2 facilitates an accountant’s ability to provide actionable insights their clients can understand. More importantly, the use of V2’s red arrows and downward trending charts and graphs, motivates clients to reach out for assistance in correcting problem areas, creating advisory opportunities for accountants!


  • QvinciV2_KPI-report-styler

    This illustration takes you 'behind the scenes' into the actual 'report styler' for the KPI Month-over-month report shown in the prior illustration. If you know Excel, then you know and understand this new V2 Qvinci reporter.


  • QvinciV2_BI-RatioKPI_Demo

    QvinciV2 Interface is easy to use, if you know Excel you can use this new interface.


  • Qvinci-V2_forward-looking-reporting

    Qvinci V2 AI Generate Forecast-based Reporting (Source: Qvinci)


  • Qvinci-V2_KPI-financial-trending-report

    Qvinci V2 KPI Financial Trending Report (Source: Qvinci)


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