QuickBooks File Doctor

Murph examines the possible causes and resolutions for QuickBooks Error 80070057 – 'the parameter is incorrect.' Read more

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In his two-part series, Murph delves deeper into why, how and what to do when your QuickBooks loses connection to your Company-file across your network. Read more

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Intuit offers a variety of 'tools' (utilities) intended to resolve certain types of common problems that QuickBooks Desktop users may encounter, this article summarizes some of those tools. Read more

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Your QuickBooks file is as bad as the Paris Opera, there is a Phantom running about and you can't seem to track him down no matter what you do. Well here is the solution to the specter that is haunting you. Read more

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File Doctor opens file with duplicate name error; surprise, surprise, surprise. Read more

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Two simple tips that may help you resolve and/or diagnose when your QuickBooks Company File won't open. Read more

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QuickBooks 2014 R6 – Sunscreen or Ointment?

QuickBooks has released maintenance update R6 for the 2014 product line including QuickBooks Enteprise 14; this is a 'long list' of updates, but it appears more 'cosmetic' than 'essential procedures' for what ails you. Read more

Jun 12, 2014 3:20 PM From The Editor

I know, not everyone is a Mac user, but we have Mac as well as Windows users, and our QuickBooks-Mac users deserve a little attention too. I recently had a call from a Mac user who needed to restore a back-up, so here are the 10 steps to get going. Read more

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OK Intuit, enough; I want the "Connection Diagnostic Tool" Back

I am tired of being told 'what is good for me' and that includes the File Doctor in lieu of the Connection Diagnostic Tool. ProAdvisors need and want more information that the 'File Doctor' provides. The Connection Diagnostic tool was way better. Read more

Feb 3, 2014 9:36 PM From The Editor 3 Comments

My "Best and Worst" of the QuickBooks 2014 R4 Update

The QuickBooks ‘manual update’ R4 maintenance release was issued earlier today, and this article covers my impressions of what's best and worst for users. Read more

Dec 12, 2013 9:22 PM From The Editor 10 Comments

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