Murph presents a short review of QXL, a relatively new product from the makers of QODBC. See why one version works with QuickBooks Desktop and another with QuickBooks Online. Read more

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Did you say security? Check out Part 1 of Murph's inside look at QuickBooks Desktop security. Read more

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Our ongoing Insightful Accountant series of leading accounting professionals continues with Brett Barry, founder and COO of Go Get Geek! Check out what he says is on the horizon for 2017. Read more

People & Business

This article provides a summary overview of the new Advanced Reporting feature available for QuickBooks Enterprise 15 users. Read more

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Here are three alternatives you might want to look at and consider if you have been a user of Xpanded Reports which is discontinuing service as of March 31, 2014. Read more

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Good-bye Xpanded Reports, you will be missed...

I got an announcement late today that Xpanded Reports is 'hanging up the towel' (throwing the baby out with the dishwater) and "quitting business forever" (as all the furniture stores call it). Read more

Mar 18, 2014 7:20 PM From The Editor 4 Comments

In this 2nd installment of his series on QuickBooks Custom Reporting Donovan Sachs provides us with some additional details in comparing the various Reporting tools which will be discussed within the series. Read more

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QuickBooks Custom Reporting

How many reports can you get out of QuickBooks - Never Enough...

QuickBooks does a good job of collecting the data, but does not always return the information the way the user wants or needs it. That is where custom reporting tools come in, this series will explore many of those tools in summary and detail. Read more

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