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September 12, 2018 at 2:00 p.m. EST: This webinar from John Torvi will provide an overview of the various types of computer crime and fraud, methods to help prevent them, and explain insurance options. Sponsored by Landy Insurance. more

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This article summarizes the cyber threat of 'Spear-phishing', just one of the cyber risks our own 'Murph' will be presenting during his Scaling New Heights 2018 course titled, "Cyber Security for You and Your Clients." more

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Murph has written about security and threats several times, but here's another short article from Byron Patrick, CPA, that is worth reading to see if you are the threat. more

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Another round of email scams appearing to be from Intuit are reaching QuickBooks users. Be on the lookout for these phishing emails that contain a malicious URL link. Do not respond, download or click on any link(s) contained therein. more

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In the first of this two part series, Murph examines what's trending and what's on the way in terms of cyber risks. more

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Intuit Security is reporting that people are receiving fake emails with the title "Here is the Invoice for" Take precautions if you receive any such emailed invoice. more

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People are receiving fake emails with the title "Turbo Tax Update - Your Federal Return was Accepted". more

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Intuit has issued a security alert advising that people using Turbo Tax are receiving fake emails with the title "Error Dispute - Your 2015 Tax Refund Penalties!" more

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The quality of spam/phishing emails seeking to garner your credit card data is becomming even better as can be seen in this example appearing to be from Intuit. more

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