Payroll Status for Direct Deposited Payroll feature

When using QuickBooks Online Payroll, you can easily check the status of paychecks being paid using Direct Deposit with a new 'status explanation' box. Read more

Payroll & Merchant Services

Murph takes a closer look at the new Direct Deposit Payroll Status feature released as part of the QuickBooks Desktop 2020 (and associated) for users with a current Payroll Subscription and Direct Deposit authorization(s). Read more

General Ledger 1 Comments

Murph gives you his summary of the QuickBooks Desktop 2020 (for Windows) Product Line-up, which will be followed by our series on the individual features. Look for our companion article on QuickBooks for Mac 2020 as well in today's headlines. Read more

General Ledger 1 Comments

  • Direct-deposit_Payroll-status for 2017 QBD

  • Direct-deposit_Payroll-status

  • QBDT-2020_Direct-deposit-Payroll-status-tickler-only


  • QBDT-2020_Direct-deposit_Payroll-status_03

    In this close-up view of the Payroll status window you can see examples of all three of the above status for direct deposit.


  • QBDT-2020_Direct-deposit_payroll-status_03

    The Payroll Status window will display the current activity of the Payroll reflecting such status as 'Sent to Intuit', 'Sent to Bank', 'Payroll Process' or some form of error.


  • QBDT-2020_Direct-deposit_payroll-status_02

    For a Selected Payroll View the Payroll Run Status from a selected Recent Payroll, the Payroll Status window will open displaying the Direct Deposit status.


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