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Valerie Heckman has developed a four-part series on The QuickBooks Blog called "Tips for Working in QuickBooks: Online Bank Feed." Read more

Training and Live Events

QBO BankFeeds can stop working temporarily, for an extended period of time, or forever. Read more

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Chase is making it easier – and more secure – to share data on digital apps like Mint and QuickBooks. Read more

General Ledger

BDO USA's BDODrive provides clients with a real-time view of their business’ performance accessible anytime, anywhere on their laptop, tablet or phone. Read more

Vendor Corner

May 31 is rolling around again, and with it the annual sunset of certain QuickBooks products. This year the QuickBooks 2012 desktop products, and QuickBooks Point-of-sale 10. Read more

Vendor Corner

Here is the clue: "Not everything called a Customer in QuickBooks is really a QuickBooks Customer." Learn why in this episode of 'The Data Detective.' Read more

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QuickBooks 2014 - Bank Feeds


1st QuickBooks had WebConnect, then we had DirectConnect and now we have Bank Feeds. Is this third attempt at online banking really the charm? Read more

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Major enhancements to the QuickBooks Online iPhone/iPad App were released last month, one of them involves 'banking features', we will see how 'great' they are in this short review. Read more

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