'New Sage Business Cloud Marketplace'

Sage launches new App Marketplace to help businesses customize their Sage Business Cloud experience. Read more

General Ledger

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    Extra information in various formats can be found on the 'Resources' page.


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    The one-stop location 'Policies & Support' page for each App Developer's contact information in the new Sage Business Cloud Marketplace.


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    The features listed in the box on the left side of the App Feature page change the interactive images displayed as you select each feature so you can work one-by-one through the key functionality of Apps you are not familiar with.

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    In this example of a partial 'App Overview' page note the 'Similar Apps' section not shown in the prior example. You can also see we have highlighted a 'Contact us' link button for this App Developer.


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    One example of the 'App Overview' page in the new Sage Business Cloud Marketplace. Note the other App related pages like features, reviews, resources, etc. You can also 'Watch a Demo' and 'Take a Tour' from this page as well as see all applicable 'Pricing' and 'Buy (Subscribe) Now'.


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