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Murph takes a closer look at the new Express Pick-Pack feature released for QuickBooks Enterprise v20 Advanced Inventory (Platinum Subscription) Users. Read more

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Murph takes a 'first look' at the new 'mobile option' for MISys Manufacturing they are calling 'MISys EXT'. Read more

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While not a totally new feature for 2019, the mobile receiving functionality which was slip-streamed into Advanced Inventory during 2018 was promoted with other QuickBooks Enterprise (v19) enhancements. Read more

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Public Wi-Fi can be hazardous to your welfare.

In his next series, Murph will be covering an issue related to the sessions he's teaching at this year's 'Scaling New Heights.' Here, he focuses on why you must safeguard against cyber crime when using public WiFi. Read more

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The National Retail Foundation/Forrester Study has found that 'mobile' investments are making a difference in the evolving retail landscape. Read more

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  • QBES-20_Express-pick-pack_Doc-13

    Finalize the Express Pick-pack with verification of the packing quantities and then clicking the Add to package button on the mobile device.


  • QBES-20_Express-pick-pack_Doc-12

    Confirm your quantities on the mobile device by answering Yes at the prompt.


  • QBES-20_Express-pick-pack_Doc-11

    Mobile device users scan item and increment quantity via scanner, or select and increment by hand if they are using an Android device without a Bluetooth scanner attached.


  • QBES-20_Express-pick-pack_Doc-10

    Details of the Express pick-pack task are provided including Item Name, Item Description, Quantity, Unit of Measure (if using Row/shelf/bin or Serial/Lot details would be listed).


  • QBES-20_Express-pick-pack_Doc-08

    The mobile device shows the various types of tasks assigned including those to this worker and those not yet assigned. In this case there is only 1 task assigned to the worker an 'Express pick-pack'.


  • QBES-20_Express-pick-pack_Doc-05

    Select the items within your Sales Order for fulfillment, these will be transmitted to either the mobile device or printed on the pick-pack 'paper' list for the Warehouse worker.


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