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Murph takes a peek at a couple of CRM solution vendors who offer a high degree of customization and integration with QuickBooks, but don't worry... there are a lot more 'vendor peeks' between now and the start of the conference next week. Read more

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Source: QuickBooks Connect

Method will be showing off their enhanced 'Web to lead' App lead management functionality while exhibiting at QuickBooks Connect. Read more

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Leading up to QuickBooks Connect our coverage includes a preview of the exhibitors being featured at this year's conference. Read more

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Murph looks at some of the Scaling New Heights sponsors offering specialized software for you and your clients. Read more

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Courtesy of: Intuit

Intuit launches new program to give accountants greater ease and flexibility in providing top-rated Apps for their Clients. Read more

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In today’s QuickBooks Connect exhibitor preview we will look at vendors that provide industry specific software like Inventory, or Manufacturing, or Construction management, Field Services and multi-modular solutions. Read more

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With a keen focus on what her customers need and why, the co-founder of SBS Associates is driven by making sure that if she doesn't have the answer, she'll find someone who does. Read more

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Sharpe Concepts, the creators of LilyPad for Fishbowl and LilyPad for QuickBooks has announced a new integration with MethodCRM. Read more

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Method Retreat voted Success by Methodologists (aka: Method Partners). You could be part of this successful Advisor Alliance by becoming a Method Parther. Read more

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This year’s Method Partner Retreat will take place in Toronto on December 8 and 9....can you say 'cold'! Read more

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Toronto-based makers of the #1 CRM for QuickBooks wins $55,000 grand prize by creating original app geared towards non-profit sector Read more

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Your Favorite App That Works With QuickBooks

We recently asked you to name your favorite app that works with QuickBooks and the results were all over the board. No 1 application stood out much more than the others, but we at least have a list of Apps for you to consider. Read more

Oct 7, 2014 5:00 PM From The Publisher


“Are you ready for a party, are you ready for a good time….all my rowdy friends are coming over tonight”...well NOT TONIGHT but to Scaling New Heights in San Antonio in 2 weeks....will you be one of them? Read more

Jun 2, 2014 8:57 AM From The Editor

Laughing Myself Silly over Method's newest Video Tutorials

Someone at Method must have stolen "my sense of humor" while at the Method Retreat. Read more

Nov 13, 2013 10:29 PM From The Editor 1 Comments

At this 1st Annual Method Solutions Provider Retreat, "Methodologists" are learning that Method is much more than a CRM, and this is just the beginning of what is 'soon to come'. Read more

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MIND OF MURPH - Is there a Method to my Madness...

I have arrived at the beautiful Stone Mountain resort for the Method Retreat... Read more

Oct 20, 2013 8:08 AM From The Editor

Peanut Butter and Bacon, Nantucket and a good book. Are these the secrets to Mary Longacre's success? Read more to find out. Read more

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First Annual Method Solution Provider Retreat - October 20 through 22, 2013 - Atlanta, GA Read more

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