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Insightful Accountant continues our countdown to QuickBooks Connect by helping prepare you for the vendor floor by giving you some additional details about sponsors who will be at this year's event. Read more

Training and Live Events

Murph continues his 'Advancing Your Practice' mini-series by telling you to get going with a niche... just as he did in our last QB Talks webinar. Read more

People & Business

Murph is back for a 'second look' at another inventory solution, this time LOCATE. Read more

Vendor Corner

Murph looks at couple of additional inventory/ERP solutions in this peek at Scaling New Heights sponsors. Read more

Vendor Corner

Leading up to QuickBooks Connect our coverage includes a preview of the exhibitors being featured at this year's conference. Read more

Vendor Corner

Here is part 2 of our vendor overviews covering inventory and manufacturing exhibitors you can find at Scaling New Heights 2018. Read more

Vendor Corner

Intuit App Showdown

Source: Intuit

As part of the QuickBooks Connect related promotions, Intuit has been hosting a Small Business App Showdown. They have named 10 finalists, many of whom just happen to have been in our own 'First Look' App features. Read more

Vendor Corner

Murph takes another first look at a relatively new app within the Intuit QuickBooks App Center – Locate Inventory. See why it not only works with QBO, but QuickBooks Desktop as well. Read more

Vendor Corner

  • Locate_2nd-look_Reporting

    With more than 130 reports already included with LOCATE, and more being added regularly, chances are you will not only find the reports you need and want, but some you have only dreamed about.


  • Locate_2nd-look_PO

    LOCATE’s order list screens allow users to customize the high-level information they want to see before clicking into the order detail. Users can also perform actions like issuing, editing, and cloning orders.


  • Locate_2nd-look_Pick

    Users can select several pick methods to best suite their business requirements, when using the LOCATE mobile app, the streamlines the pick, pack and ship process.


  • Locate_2nd-look_Cost-layers

    The inventory module dives deeper into part activity and information to even display the cost layers of any part at a specific site so you can actually see the cost of a part over time by location.


  • Locate_2nd-look_Part

    The Parts Dashboard provide at-a-glance details of site-wide inventory levels, sales and purchasing history, and other relevant details for any part selected.


  • Locate_2nd-look_SalesOrder

    Sales Orders can be created manually or imported from an E-commerce site. Users can see important data in real-time like current inventory and live margins as they create orders.


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