Contributing 'Tax' Author Rob Shaff looks at details of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 impacting Pass-through Entities. more

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Nellie Akalp CorpNet FINAL


In the first part of her two-part series, CEO Nellie Akalp looks at the Legal nuts and bolts of starting an accounting business. more

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The small business advocate shares her passion for helping today's small businesses, and why giving them the tools and resources they need to grow is the ultimate reward. more

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This week, we are taking a look back at portions of an earlier article; our return to this topic arises out of a readers’ question regarding an LLC taxed as an S-corporation. more

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The importance and benefits of establishing an LLC can be completely overshadowed by the negligence of not making the correct entity taxation election. This article is focused on assisting you in making the correct election. more

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If you provide services to small business clients, chances are you have clients that own a business jointly with a spouse. You must follow the current IRS guidelines when setting up this type of business. more

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