law firms

How do accountants and bookkeepers keep up with all of these new automated bookkeeping services that keep popping up? We adapt - by specializing. Read more

Niche Markets

Lynda Artesani gives you some things to think about when deciding to dive into the niche of law firms for your accounting practice specialty. Read more

Niche Markets 2 Comments

.... and possibly win a $50 e-gift card from Amazon! Read more

General Ledger

Contributing author Caren Schwartz gets the jump on her responsibilities as a 'Scaling New Heights' instructor with this preview of her course, 'Becoming an Advisor to Professional Services Firms.' Read more

Training and Live Events 1 Comments

In Greek mythology, Clio is the muse of history. A little while back, I asked our contributing 'legal software' consultant, Caren Schwartz if she'd update our readers. Here she takes a closer look. Read more

Vendor Corner 1 Comments

Mind of Murph Exclusive – What's Next for the Future of the Professions

Murph sits down with noted author and theoretical physicist Michio Kaku to discuss what Artificial Intelligence might mean for today's accounting professionals. Read more

Sep 27, 2016 12:10 PM From The Editor 2 Comments

Joe Woodard sits down with Frank Coker during the recent 2016 Scaling New Heights in Paradise Island, Bahamas, to get his thoughts on how today's accounting profession is changing and why specialization is key for ProAdvisors. Read more

Training and Live Events 2 Comments

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