Fishbowl, Inc.

Murph begins looking at Inventory/ERP vendors who will be on the exhibit hall floor at this year's Scaling New Heights, knowing that he isn't covering 'all of them in one story' because 'one (size) App doesn't fit all'! Read more

Vendor Corner

Murph is hosting Boxstorm to talk about why 'Inventory' is a target-rich niche for ProAdvisors in today's economy and why Boxstorm's 'Forever Free' Inventory solution for QBO is the perfect starting point to jump into the game. Read more

Training and Live Events

Murph takes a 'first look' at Boxstorm, Fishbowl's Inventory App for cloud accounting software. Read more

Vendor Corner 2 Comments

Mario Hernandez, president of Miami Accountant, provides an in depth look at the power of Fishbowl Inventory – and why it's something you should add to your repertoire. Read more

People & Business

What do you think of when I say, “Fishbowl”? Well this one isn't in the inventory software business. Read more

People & Business 1 Comments

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