Hosted QuickBooks

This is a follow-up to a question I was asked during a recent webinar presentation I gave. Read more

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Improve Client Services Without Compromising Software Features

South Bay Accounting needed to improve collaboration between staff and client on the accounting software while improving the client servicing standards without compromising on features of the software. Read more

May 7, 2018 6:07 PM From The Publisher

In lieu of her regular QBO Monday segment, Contributing QBO Author Liz Scott wrote today's Partly Cloudy Wednesday to fill us in on the new QuickBooks Online 'discounting' when a business has more than one company. Read more

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This quick overview of the differences between Intuit Commercial and Standard Hosts is designed to give you some criteria for evaluating potential hosting companies. Read more

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If bigger companies are going to make it to the Intuit Cloud, they need multi-company discounts for QuickBooks Online. Contributing author Liz Scott explains. Read more

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Blue Diamond Solutions announced the acquisition of Skyline Cloud Services, the SMB Desktop as a service division of Uni-Data & Communications, Inc. Read more

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Robert Eppele, CEO of GoToMyERP, writes part 2 of his "Is QuickBooks Hosting Dead" series with a look at some real world examples and how hosting saved countless hours and ultimately dollars. Read more

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Right Networks, the commercial hosting company, has joined Microsoft's Shared Computer Activiation program. The company can now offer Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus, E3 and E5 versions. Read more

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QuickBooks hosting is not dead. In fact, Robert Eppele, CEO of GoToMyERP says it is just getting started. What do you think? Is hosting going the way of the Dodo Bird? Read more

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GoToMyERP hosts a variety of software solutions and offers ProAdvisors and SMB Advisors commissions starting at 10% in perpetuity. If you are thinking about hosting for your clients, you may want to check them out. Read more

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Qvinci® and Right Networks® Partner Up

Qvinci and Right Networks have partnered up, allowing Right Networks customers to seamlessly connect and sync hosted QuickBooks data with Qvinci. Read more

Feb 17, 2016 5:28 PM From The Publisher

Cloud9 Real Time announced that Josh Clark has assumed the position of Senior Vice President. Read more

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QuickBooks ProAdvisor and Computer Consultant Michael Barca uses MyQuickCloud to solve the remote access needs of his clients. Read more

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Advisor Alliance is our way of keeping you informed of the partner programs offered through the hundreds of apps and software offerings available on the market. This week we're looking at MyQuickCloud. Read more

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Microsoft Support for Windows Server 2003 ends July 14, 2015, migrate now to avoid potential risks, last minute delays, and higher costs. Read more

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Caren Schwartz gives us her perspective on the exhibits at the Sleeter Solutions14 Conference and what we can infer about our profession from those exhibits. Read more

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Qbox - How it Works

Qbox by CoralTree

Qbox appears to overcome adverse issues of using a 'file sharing service' for QuickBooks (desktop) Company-files. Read more

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A QuickBooks Hosting Primer by Murph

QuickBooks expert and Intuitive Accountant Sr. Technical Editor Bill Murphy responds to a question about hosted Quickbooks. Read more

Apr 29, 2014 11:25 AM From The Publisher 1 Comments

"Cloud9 solutions garnered more industry awards in 2012 than all other QuickBooks hosting providers combined." QuickBooks Hosting solutions from Cloud9 Real Time provide Fully Functional Desktop versions of QuickBo Read more

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This session will review how new technologies are complementing existing hosting offerings to overcome current constraints in a more reliable and cost effective manner. Read more

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