Horizontally Collapse Report Columns feature

Newbies 2015

Figit Friends Newbies are the registered trademark of Mattel, Corporation.

Murph wraps up his coverage of the 2020 QuickBooks release in his traditional way with his 'Favorite Newbies' feature... "Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens...(just) a few of (his) favorite things". Read more

General Ledger

Murph gives you his summary of the QuickBooks Desktop 2020 (for Windows) Product Line-up, which will be followed by our series on the individual features. Look for our companion article on QuickBooks for Mac 2020 as well in today's headlines. Read more

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  • QBDT-2020_collapse-rport-collumns_tickler


  • QBDT-2020_collapse-columns_03

    Columns are restored to their normal (unhidden) appearance when you use the Expand Columns button.


  • QBDT-2020_collapse-columns_02

    When you 'Collapse (all) Columns' the button changes dynamically to 'Expand Columns' allowing you to set all the columns back to their normal state.


  • QBDT-2020_Horiz-collaps-columns

    The new Collapse Columns feature makes it easy to quickly collapse a report by columns, hiding or unhiding columns, to see the information you want.


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