Easy Payroll Set-up with Employee Self Set-up

Murph takes a closer look at the new Easy Payroll Set-up with Employee Self Set-up feature being rolled-out as part of the QuickBooks Desktop 2020 release for new Payroll Subscription users initially. Read more

General Ledger 2 Comments

Murph gives you his summary of the QuickBooks Desktop 2020 (for Windows) Product Line-up, which will be followed by our series on the individual features. Look for our companion article on QuickBooks for Mac 2020 as well in today's headlines. Read more

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  • QBDT-2020_Payroll-details-finish

    Review details and select Finish to send Invite for Self-setup to the Employee


  • QBDT-2020_Pay-details

    Payroll Details for Easy Payroll Setup Employer 2-step process.


  • QBDT-2020_Payroll_setup_approve-employee

    Approved employees self-setup upon review of their information.


  • QBDT-2020_Payroll-setup_Run-payroll

    When you have completed all of your set-up, including all the Employee Self-setup, click the Run payroll button to start your first payroll.


  • QBDT-2020_Easy-payroll-setup_Tickler_400R


  • QBDT-2020_Payroll-signup_Employee_rejected

    An Employer must make an entry regarding rejection of an employee's submitted details, various options apply based upon the cause and outcome of the rejections.


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