It’s 2019. It's time to take advantage of the emerging #ProductivityRevolution and help your clients to transform their businesses. Read more

Payroll & Merchant Services

As technology evolves and the regulatory world continues to churn, today’s accountants must be proactive in assuring they have the skills needed to accurately and efficiently drive the growth of their firms. What skills will prove to be most useful? Read more

General Ledger

APPS Directory Spotlight - ChronoBooks

ChronoBooks backs up, restores, & copies QuickBooks Online data. New changes are backed up in minutes, allowing you to restore to any time since your first backup. ChronoBooks can also schedule exports of your data and copy data to a new QBO company. Read more

Sep 9, 2019 1:40 PM From The Publisher

Aug. 14 @ 12 p.m. ET: More than 1000 firms globally trust MyFirmsApp to connect them to their clients & prospects in the digital age. Discover through this demo, placed in the context of today's marketplace, how you can make a difference in your firm Read more

Educational Webinars

Murph looks at one of the 'data utilities' that professionals use for extracting data from QuickBooks (Desktop) into external databases such as MS-SQL or MS-Access. Read more

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