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The Simple Dollar

If you or one of your clients is investing or dealing with crypto currency on any level - it's important to understand how this complex financial system works. Learn more from The Simple Dollar here. Read more

Payroll & Merchant Services

Joe Woodard provides his personal perspective and recommendations for bookkeepers on the QBO-Attached Bookkeeping Service Intuit is considering offering its users. Read more

General Ledger 4 Comments

December '17 brought the rise of bitcoin’s price up to $19,000, grabbing the attention of national news outlets. It also brought many predictions about where the price is heading. Learn more from Nancy Orben about Bitcoin and what that means for you. Read more

Training and Live Events

Do you have to pay tax when converting Bitcoin to fiat money? Or when changing it for another cryptocurrency? How is a salary or a payment taxed when the remuneration is in crypto? Here are a few things every accountant should know about Bitcoin. Read more

People & Business 1 Comments

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