Intuit continues innovating QuickBooks Online Advanced for high-growth mid-market Businesses. New AI-enabled capabilities are designed to help med-market companies grow and scale. Read more

General Ledger

Intuit recently acquired ChronoBooks, the backup solution for QuickBooks Online that Insightful Accountant has recommended even before it was live (almost). Soon it will be part of QuickBooks Online Advanced. Read more

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Insightful Accountant continues our countdown to QuickBooks Connect by preparing you for the vendor floor with additional sponsor profiles from this year's show. Read more

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APPS Directory Spotlight - ChronoBooks

ChronoBooks backs up, restores, & copies QuickBooks Online data. New changes are backed up in minutes, allowing you to restore to any time since your first backup. ChronoBooks can also schedule exports of your data and copy data to a new QBO company. Read more

Sep 9, 2019 1:40 PM From The Publisher

Contributing Editor Liz Scott looks at issues associated with the QuickBooks Online Audit Log, and Murph chimes in with some issues about why some API-based tools don't really offer much help in this area. Read more

General Ledger 2 Comments

Murph takes a look at the four QuickBooks Online Back-up Solutions that can be found on the Intuit App Center. When you consider 2 years ago there were 'none', and today there are 4, he thinks somebody took his August 2016 article seriously. Read more

Vendor Corner

Contributing QBO Author Liz Scott takes you through the steps of creating a ChronoBooks Backup and then Copying it to a New QBO file. Read more

General Ledger 1 Comments

Murph takes a 'first look' at ChronoBooks, which gives QBO users the ability to backup, restore and copy their QB Online data. Read more

Vendor Corner 2 Comments

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