Canopy 'Tax Prep'

Murph is calling this a 'second look' because he covered this product fairly in-depth when it was released, although this is a more comprehensive review of the platform as a whole. Read more

Vendor Corner

Canopy has just announced general availability of their Tax Prep solution for accountants. Read more

Tax Practice News

  • Canopy_Tax-Prep_Summary

    Canopy's intuitive design and simple navigation makes it easy to prepare returns and accelerate turnaround time with tools to streamline data collection, review and e-filing. (Adapted from Canopy source content by Insightful Accountant.)


  • Canopy_2nd_source-2

    Review returns easily in tax form layout with the ability to switch between each section, search for specific forms, or scroll through the entire return. Run diagnostics to catch errors before filing. (Source: Canopy)


  • Canopy_2nd_source-4

    All forms and schedules are grouped into natural, user-friendly categories. With simple navigation, users can answer all contextually-related questions at the same time, no matter which federal or state forms they are in. (Source: Canopy)


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