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The 199A deduction aims to provide some tax relief to SMBs who do not benefit from the lowering of the corporate tax rate. Michael Law, CPA from Canopy, provides some more information, as well as context, about this deduction. Read more

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Nellie Akalp CorpNet FINAL


As clients’ businesses grow & evolve, the business entity they begin with may not serve them well for the long term from taxation and legal standpoints. Depending on their circumstances, they might benefit from doing a "statutory conversion." Read more

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Murph takes a look at some of the steps at year-end in order to help you prepare for them ahead of time. Read more

General Ledger

Contributing 'Tax' Author Rob Shaff looks at details of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 impacting Pass-through Entities. Read more

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The importance and benefits of establishing an LLC can be completely overshadowed by the negligence of not making the correct entity taxation election. This article is focused on assisting you in making the correct election. Read more

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Choosing the proper business entity type is a critical and significant business decision that can have major implications on the business. Rob Shaff breaks down the options in this 2 part series. Read more

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