Price only becomes an issue when the perceived value is not there. Even though actual value is very likely present -- if it is not communicated in a way that the prospect can see it. Therefore, your focus should be on how best to communicate value. Read more

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Building a prospect kit will help you become even more consistent in the presentation of your company’s strong points to prospects. And as your business deals get larger and more complex, that consistency becomes even more important. Read more

Tax & Practice Management

Did your dream of owning a business turn out differently from your reality as a business owner? Find out how to get your dream back on track and enjoy more freedom in your business. Read more

People & Business

Shake Hands Agreement


There’s no denying that the bulk of business owners rely on the expertise of their accountant to make pressing financial decisions. Because when serious money starts rolling in, so do a variety of unexpected challenges. Read more

People & Business to Demonstrate New Capabilities Including International Business Payments at Sage Intacct Advantage. Read more

Vendor Corner

Sept. 19 @ 2 p.m. ET: What is it like to be on the other side of you and your leadership? Effective leaders know themselves well enough to lead themselves ahead of leading others. Read more

Educational Webinars

Zac Ferry writes about different aspects of business that you and your client should consider updating for a more efficient business workflow and higher revenue in this Business INSCMagazine article. Read more

People & Business

A new Xero report reveals more than three quarters of business owners feel confident about survival in 2017. Read more

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    Render of a CRM Funnel Chart.

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    A magnifying glass hovering over several instances of the word niche, symbolizing targeted marketing of small demographic groups

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