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Learn how to gain 100+ hours of training, checklists, letters, webinars and marketing materials to use in your practice with the help of Eric Green, Jeffrey Sklarz and Tax Rep LLC. Read more

Tax Practice News

Contributing Author Tim Stokes gives you the difference in delegating and abdicating tasks throughout your firm, and why it makes a world of difference. Read more

Tax & Practice Management



Whether you provide accounting services as a solo entrepreneur or work full-time hours in an accounting agency, the inclusion of business storytelling in your marketing materials can transform the way you engage clients. Read more

People & Business

If you are looking to sell your practice in the next 3-5 years, or even 10-15, there are a few things you can implement now to insure you get the maximum value for your practice. Read more

Tax Practice News

June 5 @ 12 ET: If you’re thinking about improving your website, SEO, client newsletter, and/or social media (or worse if they are non-existent), then you’ll want to check out this session with Sandi Leyva of Accelerator Websites. Read more

Educational Webinars

IA Live Event Report 2019

Storyblocks Video

How to Get Paid What You're Worth Every Time is a live webinar series with Sandi Leyva, President of Accountant's Accelerator and author of Insightful Accountant's Accelerate Your Practice series. Learn all about it here: Read more

Training and Live Events

There is a balance that happens between gaining hard business skills (like accounting or marketing) and soft mindset challenges (like focus, discomfort, or uncertainty). Read more

Tax & Practice Management

Referrals are typically a great source of leads for accounting firms. Contributing Author Tim Stokes focuses on effective strategies to increase referrals from your current business alliances as well as how to increase leads in future ones. Read more

Tax & Practice Management

Did you know that Dryrun, the makers of a cash-flow forecasting tool that works with QuickBooks and Xero, offers a Certified Partner Program? Check it out... Read more

Vendor Corner

Intuit® and Woodard™ have teamed up to provide a powerful, unique learning experience designed for, and offered exclusively to, QuickBooks® Online Certified ProAdvisors. Read more

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