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Murph wraps up his coverage of the 2020 QuickBooks release in his traditional way with his 'Favorite Newbies' feature... "Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens...(just) a few of (his) favorite things". Read more

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Murph takes a closer look at the new Automated Payment Reminder feature released as part of the QuickBooks Desktop 2020 (and associated) product line-up. Read more

General Ledger

Murph gives you his summary of the QuickBooks Desktop 2020 (for Windows) Product Line-up, which will be followed by our series on the individual features. Look for our companion article on QuickBooks for Mac 2020 as well in today's headlines. Read more

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  • QBDT-2020_auto-pmt-remind_tickler-only


  • QBDT-2020_auto-pmt-remind_use-06

    Accessing Manage Mailing List from Payment Reminders under the Customers menu of the QuickBooks menu bar allows you to Edit or Delete any mailing list(s) associated with a reminder schedule.


  • QBDT-2020_Auto-pmt-remind_set-up-00

    Click the 'Get Started' button when you first Schedule payment reminders to effortlessly send reminders to your Customers about the status of their payments.


  • QBDT-2020_auto-pmt-remind_use-04

    Track Payment Reminders using the QuickBooks Invoice tracking feature


  • QBDT-2020_auto-pmt-remind_use-05

    Reminders are displayed in the Customer's Sent Email tab with a new 'reminder' type designation.


  • QBDT-2020_auto-pmt-remind_use-03

    QuickBooks displays a message indicating that your reminder emails have been successfully sent to each customer.


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