Introducing the most secure payment platform for business. Divvy automates the entire expense report process, helps companies eliminate fraud and wasteful spending, and manages online subscriptions. Best of all, Divvy is 100% free to use. Read more

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In case you missed our most recent QB Talks, let me fill you in one segment (part) at a time... in this first part I will talk about why QuickBooks Online Advanced may be the right tool for you to 'advance your practice'. Read more

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Sage, a market leader in cloud business management solutions, announced that it will host Sage Sessions X3, an educational experience designed to help fast-growing companies in complex industries thrive, on September 4-5, 2019 in Scottsdale, AZ. Read more

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The firms that try to 'do it all,' often run into problems sooner rather than later. Ciara MacMahon, CEO of Phase Two Management Consulting, tells you why you should consider outsourcing. Read more

Tax & Practice Management

Canopy’s solutions are easier to use with an upgraded UI and a more collaborative environment. Read more

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gravity press release

Hand-out Gravity Software LLC

Gravity Software, a mid-market accounting solution provider, announced that Onefire Holding Co. is now able to complete it's functions in 50% less time after replacing QuickBooks Enterprise application with Gravity's cloud-based accounting software. Read more

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Intuit has made enhancements to the Client Overview feature available to users of QuickBooks Online Accountant when accessing their clients QBO books. Read more

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Create a bucket list of things you’d like to do in your business. It will get you thinking bigger than our daily routine and remembering the dreams you have for your business that you may not have thought of for a while. Read more

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Intuit has revised the Reclassify Transactions feature available within the QBO-Accountant tools. Read more

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Murph takes a well deserved 'Second Look' at SOS Inventory, the original inventory solution built for QuickBooks Online by Saddle Oak Software. Read more

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