Businesses need a solution for approving and creating checks easily. No matter if it is a high volume or not, all businesses need to pay vendors for goods. So, let's explore some possibilities. Read more

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New Platform Eliminates Paper and Email Cash Traps in Accounting Departments. Read more

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If you want more high-value clients buying high-value business advisory services from you, then you should join Mark Wickersham in the Business Advisory Masterclass to discover how to build your advisory solution. Learn more about the class here. Read more

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You are approaching retirement or maybe you have reached retirement. You have succeeded in achieving your goals. What do you do with your qualified retirement plan and IRA savings now? Read more

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Software Integrations Connect Multi-ERP Systems and Streamline the Back Office. Read more

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Oracle NetSuite 2020-2nd-release

Source: Oracle NetSuite

Oracle NetSuite enhancements helping their users reduce manual efforts while streamlining financial management. 'NetSuite Now On Air' event continues thru October 30 with product updates and other resources for businesses. Read more

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Product promises “pain free payments” to upload, track and pay invoices in one app for small businesses in the UK. Read more

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God & Man LLC www.godandman.com

Let's walk you through the steps to building the right automated budgeting process. From easy, cheap tools for automated workflows to best practices, we’ll cover everything businesses need to know about taking the pain out of budgeting. Read more

Practice Management

Business Performance Dashboard is now Performance Center in QuickBooks Online Accountant and QuickBooks Online Advanced. Read more

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Newbies 2015

Figit Friends Newbies are the registered trademark of Mattel, Corporation.

I wanted to wrap up my coverage of the 2021 QuickBooks Desktop release with my annual 'My Favorite Newbies' feature. I only have a short list of 5 this year, I hope that some of mine are the same as some of yours. Read more

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While many businesses are excited to expand into e-commerce, many questions remain about how to properly account for these new activities, especially when multiple clients are involved. Let's take a closer look at how to handle this. Read more

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Perry Steinberg, 'New' Chief Product Officer at AbacusNext

Perry Steinberg, AbacusNext’s new chief product officer, to lead next generation strategy for digital transformation in professional services, document automation. Read more

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Corvee, formerly known as AccountingTax.com, has rebranded to bring its products and services under one all-encompassing new name. Read more

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Tipalti, a B2B Fintech has raised $150-million at a valuation of more than $2-billion to further its global finance solutions mission. Read more

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