What About Those 'New' ProAdvisor Badges???



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We appreciate your feedback here and throughout the other threads on the topic. Serving the needs of small business prospects and our QuickBooks experts is certainly a balancing act, and we're working hard to improve the experience for both sides. We know that it takes a lot of time and hard work to get that advanced certification - and we're open to your ideas for how to convey that in a way that is most meaningful for customers searching in the directory (including but not limited to the badges). Please reach out to me if you'd like to discuss further: michelle_berg@intuit.com - thank you.

Michelle Berg 339 days ago

What about the website?

Gentlemen - Thank you for your wonderful and much-appreciated newsletter. Does Intuit at least intend to finish the job on the Find-a-ProAdvisor web site? Once again, designers included no key. How is someone supposed to understand what these badges represent, and how the owner can help them, if they are not properly identified?
Also, will they correct the "... and 1 more" math error? I have proudly earned all six badges. On the web site, four badges are displayed plus the "... and 1 more" link. Why not display all six on the website (with no teaser link), and include a legend at the top of the page so prospects can readily understand whom to contact? INCREDIBLE!!!

JD 339 days ago

Badges on ProAdvisor Website So Small No One Can Tell What They Mean

I logged into the ProAdvisor Site and the icons are now so small that I cannot tell what they mean. If I cannot tell, I wonder how a prospective client can see what my ratings are. I do miss the red Advanced Certification Logo, but to me it is much more important for those searching the ProAdvisor site to be able to identify the strengths of the ProAdvisors at a glance. That will not happen with the current presentation. Intuit, you can do better!

Steven Clement 343 days ago

Reduced Importance on Advanced

Not only does the new Find A ProAdvisor site reduce the visibility and importance of Advanced status, now the new logos further their apparent mission of minimizing the importance and visibility of the Advanced status that we worked SUPER hard to achieve. It makes you wonder, who did they actually consult with when considering these changes? Or maybe they didn't bother to do any market research...

Jeremy Craig 343 days ago

Certified Badges

Leslie, I agree with you - I liked the "Red Badge of Courage" and they stood out. The Advanced on the new design is just washed out, along with the top part of the badge that just blends into white. Add to that that they no longer show our years of certification and it sure appears to me that they do not value those of us who have long been in the trenches fighting the Intuit battle for a long time.

Hal Rosen 343 days ago


I never complained about the many logo changes. But, these are terrible! I am Advanced Certified in both Desktop and Online and consider that designation as an achievements, but the new badges are nothing special. I liked the RED color and called the badges my "Red Badge of Courage" after Stephen Crane's book. : (

Leslie Simmons 343 days ago

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