What about a QuickBooks Online Worst Case Scenario?



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Thanks for another great article Murph. So at this point, let's say today is Monday and Betty's last day was Friday when she went in and destroyed your file. What day would Intuit be able to restore your file back to? Would it be the original day you set up your file with QBO? And by using Safety Net you would be able to ask them to restore it as of Thursday?

Debra 330 days ago


Intuit won't reset your file at all, that is part of the point of the article. The backup that Intuit makes of your QBO file is for their ability to 'restore your file' along with 1000's of others in the even of a situation that occurs with a server or data center. They do not make back-ups for any 'date certain restorations' at the request of a customer.

SafetyNet is an App from a 3rd party, just like most Apps (it is NOT an Intuit product). But it can restore the majority of your data (with the exceptions I denoted) as of a date certain that YOU determine, assuming you have made the SafetyNet Backups on a regular basis.

insightfulaccountant.com 329 days ago

Good info

Thanks for the post, Murph. A recent client faced a "Betty Bookkeeper" situation on desktop, and it got me thinking about QBO.

Paula 335 days ago


Do you have to sign up to have a safetynet backup? Or can anyone request a backup as needed?

Julianne Autry 335 days ago

You must sign-up, but it's 'FREE' (at present).

You sign-up with SafetyNet, like any other reputable App through the Intuit App Center, you log-in to SafetyNet through the App Center as well and it links to your QBO via the App Center. At present SafetyNet says they are "Beta", but they have been in that state a 'long time now' just as they were in my earlier articles. As such, they are 'free'.
Whether they will change their status and start charging is unknown to me, but I would say that even if they do charge a reasonable fee as with most other Apps, that you would be remiss if you didn't keep using them for backing-up QBO, I mean, there really are no alternatives (at this time).

insightfulaccountant.com 335 days ago

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