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They make a big promise, and fall flat on their face.

If your decision hasn't been made, let me say: DON'T DO IT! I made a serious mistake when I bought UDA. While they have a beautiful user interface, there are some serious flaws under the hood. Some are major things, and some are very minor annoyances that will drive you nuts. "You mean, I can't do THAT with UDA, but I can do it with any other basic software out there?" was a common comment running through my head.

Some examples.

1. Their spell checker creates a squiggly line to tell you that you have a misspelled word, but, doens't allow you to correct it.
2. The spell checker lets you add custom words to a dictionary, but, it can only use one dictionary at a time to check spelling. So the default dictionary gets used, and your custom words still show up as being spelled wrong!
3. You can't select-copy addresses, in order to paste them somewhere else.
4. Using duplexing on my printer doesn't work right. It works for every other software I own, but not in UDA.
5. There is a bug in the WIP date range that doesn't pull accurate data.
6. "Options" in the estimate show only cost, not margin. So if you show your customer that report, you are revealing cost info, not selling price!!
7. You can't import a PDF into bid notes, even though the premise of UDA is to try to make it a single repository for all your information.
8. You can't use the arrow key to browse photos in UDA. You need to close, and click into the next one. No inuitive functionality.
9. The estimating module separates material and labor, in ways that create a very confusing Scope of Work. You need to select the labor item from your database, then separately select the material from your database. You end up with two line items in your Scope of WOrk for the same thing. Instead of writing, "Supply and Install a new window" you have "Supply a new window" and then "Install a new window." It's hard for my estimator, and confusing for my client.
10. UDA will WREAK HAVOC on your contacts in Outlook.
11. It does a terrible job of managing husband/wife or partner/partner situations. You can't mail merge them properly, or, you get forced into combining their contact into into a single contact-- and then how do you know whether the cell phone is his or hers???
12. There is no good way to credit design fees against the construction contract, if you happen to use that paradigm for your contracts.
13. There is no way to filter contracts by their date created. So, how do you find your newest contacts for entering them into something such as Constant Contact?
14. If you try to use integration of Quickbooks and UDA, your ITEMS list in QB will either get expanded to hundreds or even THOUSANDS of items... or, your PO's in QB will get created in a summary form such that they are virtually meaningless.

Abe J Degnan more than 1 year ago

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