TSheets Partners with Intuit to Streamline Payroll for QBO Users



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No way to split Classes in same pay period

I cannot find a way to split Classes in same pay period for one employee. If one employee works in two locations (where each location is a class) in the same pay period, I want to run a P&L and see payroll expense by class. Any ideas?

Malcolm Ziman 292 days ago

Map Payroll items by Customer/ServiceItem/Class

Since you write your question in regard to our TSheets article, then I assume you are using TSheets. If so, TSheets permits you to Map Payroll Items by Employee (that's the default method), but there are two other options. One option is by Customer/ServiceItem/Class which give you maximum 'creativity' in how the data flows into payroll. The other option is called Employee Selection, but this relies upon your employees being able to make the best choices for their time.
Here is the instructions regarding the 3 methods:

But you may want contact your TSheets Rep to get assistance in re-mapping your payroll to achieve the reporting you need for payroll processing.

insightfulaccountant.com 291 days ago


Will this integration work with IOP4A where I actually process payroll or is this only for payroll within QBO?

Kathy 300 days ago

This is for QBO Payroll

This isn't even available currently, it is still in Beta, but when it does become available probably by January, it will be only for QuickBooks Online.

insightfulaccountant.com 289 days ago

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