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Cheapest and highest performance solution

I use Splashtop Business... $60 a year!! it's known to be the fastest too... people use it even to play remote PC games (& I have tried streaming video and audio... works like magic).
Besides PC/MAC, I also use Splashtop's mobile apps... iPad and Android phone... all work great with touch interface.

NiNiAccountant more than 1 year ago

Easy Solution

I would prefer remotely accessing a computer and trouble shooting a technical problem rather than travelling all the way to clients location. Hence, I mostly use tools like logmein, R-HUB remote support servers ( etc.

Jason Sampson more than 1 year ago

Good information

Thank you all for your comments. I have been researching to find something that would work with a remote client and this is excellent information to make a decision with.

Noreen more than 2 years ago

I use the $14/mo plan, which allows me to point clients to and run the program on their side.

@Brett Barry, thanks for the Chrome Remote Desktop tip, love it!

Michael J Mehr, CPT.CITP more than 2 years ago

LogmeInCentral/Remote Desktop

Many of my smaller clients are on LogMeInCentral which is essentially LogMeInFree for 100 computers. It's easy to send a client a deployment file and get it installed at the client's end. It's $299 per year for up to 100 computers. This works out to about $25 per month. You can also add LogMeInPro for additional fees if clients like to be able to print, etc. remotely, etc. There is also a way to deploy Windows Updates, etc.

It is a stable and easy to use solution for the bookkeeper/accountant.

There is also remote desktop that is included in Windows 7 and 8.1 Professional Editions. This would need to be set up. However, once set up there is no more costs. You can print and share files. This is for more sophisticated clients with an IT department.

Laura Chapman more than 2 years ago

Remote Access

I use Webex but its "glitchy". Sometimes when you disconnect the client has to restart the ageent because the clients computer shows off-line. Its inexpensive though, I'm paying $29.95 a month for 10 licenses.

James more than 2 years ago


I use gotoassist. I can setup multiple simultaneous sessions. This is a big help if I need to login to the server and a workstation to try to fix a problem. It also has good chat capability as well as the ability to transfer files while connected. Must say that my favorite feature is the reports. As one who sometimes forgets to look at the clock and note how long I worked, I can run a gotoassist report and see how much time I was connected. Really helps me capture billable time.

Caren Schwartz more than 2 years ago

A quick once a month option

So for the past year I have used the free Cisco webex to access quickbooks to quickly file sales tax for a client. I just need the sales tax liability report and then pay the sales tax. That is it. I don't want to have to increase the price to my client and I don't want to go to their place of business for a quick thing. Any suggestions?

Michele more than 2 years ago

Remote Access - TeamViewer

..has been totally worth the price. I have my clients install this on their machines at no cost to them for I own the license. Many have given me "unattended access" but I love the "rolling" password for those who don't. They are secure in knowing that once I end a session, I cannot return to their system without their permission. I also can access systems away from my home office with my license.

Bernadette Amos more than 2 years ago


I recently learned that the QuickBooks.WebEx is no longer compatible with Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 due to a patch released by MicroSoft. There is also a work around needed if using Internet Explorer 10 or 11.

Paula Bruggeman more than 2 years ago

Remote Software - Techinline

I have used Techinline for many years now and they are improving with time. It has enough feature for what I use and unattended access, if needed. Copy and paste files..Check it out... $300/year

Judy Borland more than 2 years ago

Remote access

I've had excellent results with GoToMyPC, which also has an iPad app.

Bill Winkler more than 2 years ago

My Favorites

I am assuming this article is about unattended remote access. My favorite is Chrome Remote Desktop. It is free and very easy to set up and access. For attended access, GoToMeeting and their $20/month 5-user max plan is an affordable option for a tried and true service. Mikogo was a previous favorite because it is free, but there were too many hurdles getting some users to even get into a session.

Brett Barry more than 2 years ago

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