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Qbox and Quickbooks online

1. Does the recipient of the quickbooks file need to have quickbooks installed on their machine?
2. My client has quickbooks 2015 desktop, I have quickbooks online. Can he use Qbox to share file with me?

Serika 4 days ago

No is the simple answer.

QBoxs users have to be using the same version of QuickBooks meaning the same type of QuickBooks and same year/release of QuickBooks. It's a way of sharing a QuickBooks file across the internet that doesn't require remote desktop (terminal) services, or an emulation program like 'GoToMyPC'. 3 days ago

Basic Free Trial

Just for clarification, the Basic level only lets you access regular and custom sync folders "shared with you by others." This means that it is only free if you are accessing folders created by others with a paying account. Once you create your own folder for syncing, you are automatically bumped to the Pro level with billing starting at $9/month and it invites the other user, who is required to create an account, in which case it would be free for them. So in a sense, this would never be a free service between 2 different users. And a word of caution: once you do create a sync folder, there is no indication (via email or otherwise) that the account has changed to the Pro level. And there is no way to cancel your subscription via your account login on their web site. Therefore, once the 30 days are up, you get billed for $9 if you do "not choose to notify our support team of your intent to cancel your relationship with Qbox." Their reasoning is, "we did not want to make it too simple to cancel Qbox because we wanted the opportunity to dialog with clients and ask if there was some confusion regarding functionality that if clarified, would allow them to consider continuing with Qbox."

And even though they were "nice enough" to cancel my account that I had only used once so that I could demo it for my blog, I am still getting a Qbox Payment Due email at the end of every month. Maybe they don't want to make it too simple for me to forget about QBox.

Brett Barry more than 2 years ago

Remote Access

How is webex different that Qbox?

I use this all the time with my clients and it works great.

Leslie more than 2 years ago

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