Serial and Lot Number Set-up Options for QuickBooks Enterprise Advanced Inventory



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Line Items with Different Lot Number on Invoices

I have run across a few items in regards to using Lot Numbers in how QBES handle inventory. One is that, if you invoice your customer and they have have ordered an item that you have 50 in stock with one lot number it shows on one line and then customer needs 50 more but it a different lot number you have to show it on a second line. My client customers hate this. They just want to see item on one line regardless of the lot numbers. My client is the only one that cares about the lot number tracking not his customers. Which by the way uses the product up within a few days of receiving it. I have found a work around for this but it not pretty and it takes time and another software product to do it.

The second thing I dislike that is missing with Lot Numbers is the ability to print lot numbers out as bar codes labels from within a Sales Order for processing from the warehouse. They also would like to print out the Lot Numbers via Purchase Orders so they can attached them to the goods when they are received at the warehouse.
In fact the whole thing with QBES not being able to print directly to any label maker is just doesn't cut for businesses that need bar codes to print out from Purchase Orders or from at least when Inventory is received. It something that Intuit should fix as fast as they can. If they can do in QBPOS they can surely do it in QBES.

Ted Whitby more than 4 years ago

Lot Mop

Murph - Can Lot Mop generate a report for Serial Numbers by Site? Even though you can get it in QB's, all serial numbers go in one long cell.
We've figured out how to bring it into Excel, convert so that each serial number is in it's own cell and then copy & paste/transpose to get them in columnar form, but it would be easier if someone had that kinds of report.

MB Raimondi more than 4 years ago

Not designed for reporting on imported data

MB - thanks for your question.

While Lot Mop reports on data that conflicts, it is not designed as a reporting tool, it is simply a tool to aid in the import of data into QBES-AI, or to 'reallocate' data already in the QBES-AI format.

You might however contact the developer to see if they might be willing to 'improve' their product by adding such capabilities. Many SDK/API developers are always interested in making their products more user capable.

And thanks for reading 'Intuitive Accountant'. more than 4 years ago

Improving Lot Mop

Hi MB. I worked with Paul Keister, the developer, on the original design of the Lot Mop product. I was literally his first Alpha and Beta tester. It turned out to be a very good little 'wizard' product and worth the investment for advisors.

I know Paul is busy worked on another major project right now. However, if you, or anyone else, would like to contact me about possible improvements or wish list, I would love to work those through with you, as well as pass along any suggestions for improvements to the product. My office is literally right next door to his apartment building in The City.


Tim Grant more than 4 years ago

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