QuickBooks (Desktop) 2016 Release 5

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ES R5 problems

The R5 update broke the ability to scan checks with Intuit Check Solution. After 4 hours on phone with support, we had to roll back to R3.

Lisa Pierpont more than 1 year ago

A good reason NOT to update to R5

Sounds like a very good example of why I generally recommend you wait to update to a new release until it has been 'field tested' by other users who have then reported problems that hopefully Intuit 'jumps on' and fixes with a push (if they don't 'withdraw' the update).

In this case the EMV/PCI compliance crunch is on, and many users will need R5 to deal with some of the related 'hardware support' requirements; however, Intuit has already advised that they are still 'way (way, way, way, way, way) behind in getting EMV hardware ready to distribute to those users who pre-ordered it. So the run to install R5 for purposes of EMV/PCI compliance is in effect 'negated' by the lack of EMV hardware (at least for now).

insightfulaccountant.com more than 1 year ago

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