QuickBooks Custom Reporting – A Series: Introduction



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Hi Donovan,
Your articles are hitting the points I've been looking for everywhere, thank you!
I'm not sure if this is the right setting, and I apologize if not, I'm just looking for some feedback if you feel so inclined.
I'm an accountant/consultant who often feels frustrated with the limitations of Quickbooks, and is testing the limits of Excel models. My current consulting challenge is with an organization using QB Enterprise, and I am needing to do custom reporting and advanced financial analysis.
Before jumping in to learning a new tool, I want to make the best choice for me, as I would like my time spent on learning a new tool to not only serve this client, but allow me to serve many other clients in the future as well.
In reading everything you share, I think I would like to pursue learning either QQube, QODBC, or even Crystal Reports - CAR sounds like too much.
I have some experience with Access and database concepts, but am not very qualified in this area. Again, mostly Excel and Accounting systems.
I like that QQube can work with Pro/Premier, as well as Enterprise, and that it is simpler to learn, though QODBC sounds more powerful.
If you are interested, I would appreciate any thoughts or elucidations before I dive in and commit to a new learning program :)

Thanks again for the great articles, very informative.


Siri Amrit S. Khalsa more than 2 years ago

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