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I just noticed that all of my invoices have been switched to wholesale invoices. Is there an easy way to fix it without having to go through each one?

Andrea Young 7 days ago

I assume you are talking about in Desktop

If you are talking about the fact that the 'template' for your invoices was switched to the wrong one then you could use the Mass Updater by www.q2q.us to change the template for the affected Invoices. The 'templateref' field is one of the fields that can be updated using this utility.

Here is the link to the product overview: http://www.q2q.us/MUDOverview.htm

insightfulaccountant.com 3 days ago


Trying to reconcile and so slow to move from item to item

Sarita 44 days ago

Unable to export accounting data

The error message given: The QB dada did not open causing the export session to time out. Please verify that the QB login process is complete, and export again

Denise 56 days ago

QB's exporting to excel

Hello, When I try to export from QB's to Excel. I get a message on my excel worksheet saying, "If you make any changes to this worksheet, you will lose them the next time you update". So, when I try to send data from QB's on my excel sheet all data keeps disappearing. What am I doing wrong?

Sonja Geller 121 days ago

Multi-user mode

No communication between the two users...computers are in communication just not the quickbooks 2016 pro. Only started to have a problem when windows 10 did an automatic update. As administrator I can not see the new invoices she puts in vendor or customer and she can't see the payments that have been made.

Danita 134 days ago

Sounds like you are not even using the same file

If either user can't see the 'complete' file even when in single-user mode, then chances are you are both using different copies of the Company file. If your network sharing was somehow altered during the update you mention, it is possible that you 'surfed' to a different file from each workstation when attempting to get back to operation.

I suggest that you use the 'Find a Local Advisor' search from the QuickBooks Help menu to locate a QuickBooks ProAdvisor in your area who can actually help you out to insure that everything is properly configured for multi-user operations. The longer you wait to do this, the more likely you are to have 'double duty' to get back to where everything is in a single file, if in fact you are not actually sharing the same Company file.

insightfulaccountant.com 131 days ago

Invoices show as unpaid or disappear

Multiuser mode has this problem twice in the last 6 months

Linda Roden 138 days ago

creating new vendor

when I try to create a new vendor the whole QB application shuts down - i have tried creating a vendor "on the fly" and through the vendor centre and it still closes down - what is happening here?

N.Learmonth 161 days ago

Have your reached the Pro/Premier 'list limits'?

You didn't say if this was Pro/Premier or Enterprise. Not uncommon at all if you are 'at the limit' in Pro/Prmier. 14500 total names (vendors, customers, employees and other names) combined, or 10,500 for any one of those individual lists.

insightfulaccountant.com 160 days ago

lost connectio

The screen get's darker and I can't email or print.

Nancy 190 days ago

Send multiple Excel Reports via One Email

QB allows you to send multiple pdf reports via one email. How can I send Excel files rather than pdf files?

James Kimura 227 days ago

Use the Send Feed Back option under Help

Let Intuit know that is a needed feature via the Send Feed Back option. At present all Excel documents are created in Excel outside of QB, they simply are initiated by QB. QB doesn't store anything in Excel format, unlike many other documents, except if you 'attach an Excel spreadsheet'. Thus no provision to send Excel documents as part of a document package via email.

insightfulaccountant.com 226 days ago

Batch Enter Transactions

When entering checks using the "Batch Enter Transaction" feature, QB turns off the Auto Recall Info preference. When I attempt to turn it back on, QB crashes when I the preference change. This is defeats the efficiency of using the Batch Enter feature. Thoughts or ideas?

Thomas E Bream 254 days ago

reports not printing properly

When I print or save to PDF a lot of the formatting that I see on the screen is lost and the reports look terrible - difficult to follow due to alignment issues etc...

Stefanie 257 days ago

Batch Print

Program seems to have a problem recognizing checks that have been set "To Print" and when you attempt to Batch Print, those checks that have been set "To Print" are not in the list.

Dennis Toney 269 days ago

2016 Premier password failure

A new installation and user has been added to use 2016 Premier (3 user, server based-[updated to Premier 2016 in Dec 2015]). With or with out a password the user can not login. The Admin and another user can login and use the company file on this new installation. An existing test user was tried using a new password and it can not login. I do NOT want to try to change the password to "test" again the user edit on a working user account seeing the results thus far. So, what can be done to enable a new user ( or password change) created by the Admin that fails to login?

Fernando 280 days ago

Can't hel without you giving us the exact message you get.

We can't diagnose from the limited information you provided. We need the exact message you get when you attempt to log-in the 3rd user. Do you get the same message even if no other users are logged in? Have you checked under the User List within Company menu to insure that no other user accounts are still logged in?

insightfulaccountant.com 278 days ago

unpaid bills

On Aug 30 2016 a problem happened with my quickbooks pro and premier program on my computer. On that date, under "venders" "pay bills". It is now showing that bills from 2015 and 2016 are now "Unpaid". When I know for a fact that they were paid. So as a result I cannot reconcile any statements, and my account bank balance is completely off. Leaving my in a complete mess and limbo. Is anyone else having this same problem?

Kathleen 284 days ago

slow program

each session at the beginning is ok, but a little later, program qb pro 2016, coming very slow

HECTOR J BELLO 297 days ago

Look at your QB Host's RAM as compared to Company File Size

Many times, when QB slows down the longer you use it in a single session it is because it is struggling with insufficient computer resources for the size of the file you are asking it to work on. The longer you work, the greater the amount of the file is trying to load into Cache memory, when you begin reaching the RAM available to QB, then your computer is having to do more disk swapping, and that slows performance. See my articles on "How QuickBooks Works" to learn more about the relationship between RAM/Cache memory, hard drive speed/capacity and QuickBooks file size.

insightfulaccountant.com 296 days ago

Emailing problems

I am experiencing the following problems with Quickbooks premier 2016 when emailing invoices and statements:
First, I set up to email with Thunderbird. Problem - although invoices were sent fine, the body of the accompanying email was in raw HTML which looked very unprofessional. I found that if I emailed each invoice individually though, it was fine. Problem was when I toggles the ' email later' option, and then sent through the 'send forms' option later.
So I changed to emailing through Outlook...all good..until i checked my Sent folder in Outlook - no emails to be found. Even worse - if i send more than 1 invoice at a time through the 'send forms' option, it only sends the first one, and loses the rest....and again, none are shown in my Sent folder in Outlook WHY WHY WHY

PENNY TAYLOR 302 days ago

QB 2016 Local Backup to worng directory

Have just upgraded to QB Pro 2016. We use the local backup function and find that instead of using the default directory as set up in the backup options, QB uses the last directory accessed from with QB. Please let me know if there is any way to change this other than searching for the correct directory when the backup is requested.

Raul Saleme 304 days ago

Verify Back-up Location as part of the Back-up Steps

Intuit's Best Practice: Verify the Backup File, Backup Location, and appropriate Options each time you perform a manual back-up.

insightfulaccountant.com 304 days ago

My quickbooks is not downloading properly

I tried to download the program I purchased at Staples. When it is almost done it clicked out of download and said an unknown error had occur and try back later. I re loaded the program. When the icon showed on my computer I clicked on it. Entered password and once again said error occur please try back later. Can you please help me with this issue and tell me how I can down load this program to where I can use it. Thank You.

Millie 305 days ago

Make sure you have your anti-virus program turned-off

Make sure you have anti-virus turned-off during download and install, it sounds like you are getting a bad installation, and chances are the AV caused an error.

Otherwise contact QuickBooks technical support for assistance. You are entitled to free support for the first 30 days. The toll free number for new customer support is 1-877-797-5809 if you are using QuickBooks Pro or Premier.

insightfulaccountant.com 305 days ago

QuickBooks 2016 - Effects on MS Excel 2010

I just downloaded and launched QB 2016 today, as I had received a prior email about a security problem with unsupported earlier versions. I was running QB 2009, which I was perfectly happy with. Not only is QB 2016 ugly and unprofessional looking, it has messed up Excel such that it does not show multiple open spreadsheets that I can select from in the "tray" on my Desktop. I have absolutely no use for QB reports in Excel. Can I somehow disconnect QB from Excel? If not, I will revert back to 2009. I also do not like having to sign in to an online account in order to access QB. I am VERY unhappy with this "upgrade." :-(

Jeanette Kettlewell 329 days ago

Converting accountant's copy

I work for a CPA firm and so have restored backup copies, have converted accountant's copies, etc for many years. I recently made an accountant's copy from a client's QuickBooks. It won't convert and open. Since it was the 2nd try getting an accountant's copy, I also made a backup. It restored with no problems. In addition, I have been used to taking and placing copies of QuickBooks I prepare for various clients and placing them on a network drive for the tax accountant to use. I have never had any problems opening the QuickBooks either on the network drive or my hard. Now 2016 will not allow me to open the QuickBooks copied to the network drive without changing the name, or deleting the QuickBooks on the hard drive. This probably won't cause a problem for anyone but me, but I certainly hope QuickBooks 2017 improves on these problems.

Christy Logsdon 333 days ago

Sounds 'environmental'

This sounds like an issue with your Windows network environment in which you do not have the necessary file access path permissions to accomplish the tasks at hand, or the QuickBooks Database Server Manager 'windows service user' was not installed with the necessary windows permissions. You need to check with your IT 'people' to insure that all QuickBooks users have 'full rights' to the true windows path and directories, not just a 'mapped location', and that includes the actual QBDBMgr.exe and QBDataServiceUser, as well as the QBDBMgrN.exe and QBDataServiceUser26.

insightfulaccountant.com 332 days ago

Online Banking

I have been using Quickbooks for 20 years and after using 2016 I am seriously considering dumping it. This is the most controlling company I have ever dealt with. Forcing me to use a password on my own desktop is just wrong. Now downloading transactions from the internet is a nightmare. Where are the payees of the credit card charges gone???

Janet English 334 days ago


Sometimes I try to process payroll in a file which has an active payroll account and I am prompted to activate payroll. I close QB and re-open and it works.

Brenda Blakley 350 days ago

Lost server connection

Payroll, being a subscription based service, must ping the license server every so often in order for it to validate the current subscription. By closing either the Company-file, or QuickBooks, QB will ping the license server when the file is reopened, and thus validates the license. You can also force a license verification ping from within the Payroll subscription sub-menu of the Employee Menu.

insightfulaccountant.com 349 days ago

Screen going black

Since I upgraded to QB 2016 Pro I have had this issue numerous times when going from one page to another that the page will have intermittent black and white lines. When that happens, it doesn't matter what page I go to, everyone of them is the same. If I close QB and re-open, it seems to be OK for a while and then it's the same problem. Why is that happening? It's so frustrating. I'm scared one of these days I'll loose all the data that I've entered since the previous backup, which I do at the end of every day.

Neta 355 days ago

Make sure your Video is configured properly

System requirements for QB 2016 specify that QB 2016 is optimized for 1024 x 768 screen resolution or higher with up to 2 Extended monitors, and that it is best optimized for Default DPI setting (96 DPI or 100%). Additionally, medium DPI (120 DPI or 110%) is supported to ensure an optimal experience for 110% scaling.

insightfulaccountant.com 354 days ago

sending invoices

Not sure why but since the upgrade to 2016 I continually have issues sending invoices through email and printing checks. Not sure if its some kind of communication error but I usually get an error message and to retry. I realized after a couple of months not getting paid that all the invoices I emailed were never even sent at all! So frustrating!

Allan Girard 359 days ago

Bank reconcilations

I have recently updated to 2016. I have just gone to do the bank reconcilatios for my foreign currency accounts and the system will only show the balance and the entries in sterling

Christine Duffin 361 days ago



DAVID WAJTKOWICZ more than 1 year ago

Me too

I absolutely hate 2016 and Quickbooks in general. They have just gone too far. I've been a user for 20 years and this will be the last one for me. There are other programs out there and I'll find one that is not run by such a cocky company that they feel they must control everything we do.

Janet English 334 days ago

QB pro 2016 update causes failure to open program

I just updated 6/30/2016 QB running on windows 7/parallels/macbook pro. QB had an update and after installing the update, the message "QB requires you to reboot". After many reboots, attempts to run as administrator, hours searching the forums, posting questions that received links to articles that did not address the problem, I gave up and just reinstalled the original. MANY people have experienced problems with QB updates over several years.

Ellis more than 1 year ago

Wrong name in Payee on report

Is anyone having issues with 'print report' in a G/L printing with the wrong payees? The check register has the correct payee, but the report picks up a random name from another report.

Lisa Hines more than 1 year ago

Problems with QB and Excel 3013

QB 2016 will not allow me to export to Excel 2013. The option is greyed out and I can only select a csv file. I am also running Windows 8. QB technical have so far been unable to solve it.

Geoff more than 1 year ago

invoice edit is not saved before printing

Sometimes QB saves the changes made to invoice before printing and sometimes it does not.

Bertice Louise Ellis more than 1 year ago


Banking report for deposits: you removed the QB2012 option to total by "Account List" which I need. Also, when "sort by name" selected, it does NOT sort by name. I spent 2 hours on QB support today with no success.

Martha Houston more than 1 year ago

QB Pro Plus 2016 Upgrade "SUCKS"

QB 2016 R5_55 forcibly installs a new security protocol. They force long passwords that must be changed every 90 days. It appears to have broken some of the links to download Credit Card transactions, some work some do not! Have used QB for 20 years, this is by far the worst and most intrusive upgrade yet. The lost man hours in productivity are astounding! Dodd-Frank is at it again "protecting us from ourselves". I guess it is time to find another accounting program!

Jeff more than 1 year ago

I agree

It seems to be PCI compiance, which many people do not need, because they are either not storing sensitive data or connected to the Internet. There are simple ways to code the software to hide screens and functions and blank out fields if the owner sod ecides. That means if you choose not to be PCI, then you are unable to view, enter or save credit card info.

Mark more than 1 year ago

OUTLOOK ???????

Cannot set up outlook. The screen to select email is all messed up and is stuck on "web-mail"...... cannot even read the labels on this info box.

Steven Proper more than 1 year ago


In QuickBooks 2013 I was able to filter the P&L or custom transactions by class. I am not able to do this in 2016. The class drop down in the filter window is blank, if I type in the class the report is blank.

Cindy Pearlman more than 1 year ago

spell check

looks like this has been wrong for a long time. so annoying Quickbooks - fix it!!

Miki more than 1 year ago

outlook 2016 for mac

need email integration asap email as PDF in OUTLOOK for MAC 2016

greg hudson more than 1 year ago

Quantities not always transferring from Sales Order to Invoice

There seems to be a bug in the Premier Nonprofit Edition 2016. I've never experienced this problem in the past. After I've created a Sales Order, I click to make an invoice. Usually the quatity of the items transfers onto the invoice. When the payment does not match the invoice amount, I have to go back and correct it on the invoice.

Jay Beene more than 1 year ago

Spell Check

My spell check does not replace the words when I click replace.

Gerard more than 1 year ago

Same issue

Replace all will replace everything but the first word.

Jeremy more than 1 year ago

My quickbook file backups are word files and only open with word

I have QBB Files in my hardrive. I recently tried opening them in another laptop that doesn't have quickbooks and instead tried opening them in Word. And know all of them turned into word files and only open with word. Everytime I try to create a backup for quickbooks 2016 they turn into Word files. Is their any way I can convert them into QBB files and everytime I back up they turn into QBB files instead of Word?

Lucia Garcia more than 1 year ago

You have changed 'association' of file types *.QBB

Select a .QBB (QuickBooks backup file) and then 'right click' on the file. Select the option to 'Open with', it iwll probalby display 'Word' as the Suggested Program at the top of the window, but if other programs are listed in the list, look for 'QuickBooks Launcher', otherwise you will need to browse for the QuickBooks Program.

You do not 'open' QuickBooks Backup files from the 'file icon', only from the 'Restore Backup feature' under the File options within QuickBooks, so even though you re-associate each *.QBB file with QuickBooks, you still won't be able to open them just by clicking on the file Icon as you can with a *.QBW (QuickBooks 'working' Company file).

insightfulaccountant.com more than 1 year ago

can open QB due to pass word problem

I think the 2016 upgrade sucks, have been using QB for 10 years, have spent last three month on phone wirh QB tech support trying to solved all the problems upgraded created. 1st problem data did not transfer over from 2014 QB to 2016 QB's took 10 hours on phone to get resolved. Next problem when was asked to create new pass word for entering accounts. when you create pass word it keep bring up screen for you to creat again and again and again never stops can't get into account

Ben Murray more than 1 year ago

sending Invoices via Email

It appears as though we are unable to send Invoices via Outlook using QBE 2016 unless we keep Outlook closed while invoicing. When will that be addressed?

Kathleen more than 1 year ago

QB 2016 Spellcheck

I found that if I select Replace All during the spell check QB will (for the most part) replace the entry. If I select Replace during the spellcheck, it remains unchanged. It still does not work as it should.

Michael Burton more than 1 year ago

QB 2016 Spellcheck

Spell check finds misspelled words, however it does not replace them when you select to change the entry. It just stays the way it was.

Jon long sr more than 1 year ago

QB 2016 Spellcheck

Spell check finds misspelled words, however it does not replace them when you select to change the entry. It remains unchanged (misspelled).

Michael Burton more than 1 year ago

QB 2016 Spellcheck

Spell check finds the misspelled words. However, it does not replace them when you seek to change the entry. It just stays the way it was.

Timothy J Henderson more than 1 year ago

emailing from QB with 64bit office

This is a QB2015 problem. I'd love to know if it works on 2016. I had to install the 64bit Office suite in order to have enough RAM for my excel. Now I can't email (invoices, statements etc) from QB. It says there is no default email set up. (There is- I have Outlook)My I.T. people worked on this for hours, including having Intuit on the line and they couldn't solve the problem.

Bernadette Hennessy more than 1 year ago

Try running the PDF repair tool

Many QuickBooks email documents rely on the QB PDF generator, if it isn't working right you won't even get as far as an email attempting to go out. You can download the PDF repair tool from the QuickBooks Technical Support website, run the tool and see if that doesn't fix all your problems.

My brother worked on a case like this just the other day, as soon as the PDF tool ran, everything worked like a charm.


insightfulaccountant.com more than 1 year ago

Exporting to Excel 2016

When you try to export a report to Excel 2016 system problem box appears. After you send the response QG 2016 closes .

Bill Spratt more than 1 year ago

Intuit applied a patch

The latest system patch fixed the problem for about a week. Know doing same thing. 2015 Accountants version did not have a problem with excel 2016 . QuickBooks 2016 has the issue. Work around export to individual excel sheet each report and cut and paste into workbook. Takes about 15 minutes extra. Not the end of the world, most frustrating. Each time I try thinking it may be fixed , it will send produce the send error report and close QuickBooks. Weighing on the side QuickBooks 2016 being the issue as 2015 didn't have the issue.
In days past companies used to test their products thoroughly , now we test them for them and then they patch.

Bill Spratt more than 1 year ago

QuickBooks 2016 RAM requirements

The system requirements for QB 2016 list 4GB RAM with 8GB being recommended. My computer has Win 7 32-bit operating system which means it can only utilize 3.16GB of RAM - does this mean that I need to upgrade my O/S to a 64-bit system?

Kathy Giuliani more than 1 year ago

My advice is simple, always run the best/most/fastest you can afford.

There is more to it than that if you are using a 32-bit Windows version which has a memory address space of 4GB. Part of that is indeed used by system BIOS and also graphics memory. With a 256MB graphics card about 3.3-3.5GB of RAM can be addressed and used, assuming you have 4GB fitted. If you fit a graphics card with 1GB of memory only about 2.6-2.8GB of the RAM would be addressable and usable.

While QB is still not a 64-bit application itself, a 64-bit Windows Operating System allows for memory to be maximized (and addressed) and that means you can make more memory available to QuickBooks, which in turn means improved QB performance.


insightfulaccountant.com more than 1 year ago

The writing is on the wall

I think this means that going forward the RAM requirements will continue to increase and that it's only a matter of time (next year?) when 32-bit systems will have performance issues since they can only utilize 4GB of RAM.

ProsSeries 2015 also lists 4GB as the required amount of memory. I'm thinking our older 32-bit machines will be able to squeak by another year but by next year I will need to have everyone on a 64-bit system. Might be able to convince the senior partner that it's time to get rid of the old dinosaur printer too!

Kathy Giuliani more than 1 year ago

Batch Enter Transactions

This comment is related to all QuickBooks Versions since the Batch Enter Transaction feature was released.
When you Copy (Ctrl+C) & Paste (Ctrl+V) in the Batch Enter Transactions screen, it changes the settings in Preferences under the General tab. It unchecks the "Automatically remember account or transaction information" checkbox. I've sent this info to QBS Support a # of times and nothing has been fixed on this error.

Caleb Jenkins more than 1 year ago

QuickBooks Issues

This comment is related to all QuickBooks versions. Oregon, specifically Portland has a new "Sick Law" that if an employee works 30 or more hours, we are required to accrue 1 hour sick. An employee may be entitled to vacation accrual but not sick. We need to be able to check do not accrue for Sick and/or Vacation. We need two separate buttons so we don't have to continue to keep this information on external spreadsheets and continually adjust the sick & vacation hours accumulated on employee paystubs. This is a huge cost for our payroll clients for this external spreadsheet work and constant adjustments.

Debi Hambo more than 1 year ago

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