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i use it al the time..

I actually use this software very often.. I like it so much, I made a video explaining all the steps!


Hector Garcia, CPA more than 1 year ago

PDF2QBO from ProperSoft

PDF to QBO converter is also produced by ProperSoft at http://www.propersoft.net/pdf2qbo/
If your PDF file is not parsed, feel free to contact ProperSoft support at http://www.propersoft.net/support before and after purchase.

Sergiy more than 2 years ago


I had the same issue with only 5 coming in.. I know the developer, I will notify them.

I did a video review of this software in youtube, if you are interested on seeing it work live:

Hector Garcia more than 2 years ago

Trial run

I was able to take a pdf bank statement with Moneythumber to convert. I seen 10 transactions ready to be saved so that I can import the file into QuickBooks. I imported the file only five of the ten transaction appear in QuickBooks bank fees. Why?

yours truly,


Richard Brotz more than 2 years ago

Trial software

We noticed the same thing with our 'trial copy', but we think this has to do with how the trial software is configured. If you load the same file into the software, look at the preview window, and un-select the 5 that previously imported, when you create the new file to import, you will get the next 5 transactions. (That will make a total of 10 which is all the trial software allows.)

I suspect one reason they may configure the trial this way is that this software offers more than one source/type of input (although all I discussed was just the PDF option). I think they may only import 5 so that if you want to try the other configuration you still have 5 more possible transactions you can test that configuration with.


PS - if that still doesn't work for you, I would contact the developer's support team.

insightfulaccountant.com more than 2 years ago

Pfd2qbo converter

This looks fantastic. Thanks!

Lisa Bloch more than 2 years ago

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