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QStock training and file size

Bill, while I would agree with most of your points in the article, there are two areas that could be more adequately addressed. The first is training. As a certified QStock partner, I know the client is, in fact, going to, 'be required to learn a new way of doing (almost) everything.' Much of it is for the better, but there are new workflow processes, new program screens and new tasks to learn. From experience, I know the client and their staff will spend at least 20-30 hours, at a minimum, learning the new software.

The second issue is data file size in QuickBooks (something that never seems to get talked about). And this is probably something you can better address than I. QuickBooks is still constrained by the data file size (200mgs in Pro/Premier, 1GB in QBES), so when inventory is 'shared' by both programs, QB continues to be impacted by the inventory list, and can still reach the max!

The other points about QStock that you mention, are thngs I like about the product. It's mobile capability is one of the best out there, and having expiration date capability is worth the price of admission. Clients and prospects should realize, however, that going with any third-party inventory or manufacturing product is going to take a plan, workflow process creation, and lots of training, no matter how 'simple' or 'fully integrated' the product may be.

Tim Grant more than 3 years ago

Your are absolutely correct !

I couldn't agree more, especially about the transitioning to all of these types of products 'require a plan' and 'change in workflow'.

Since this entire series began about comparison of products the point you make about 'training' tends to be pretty much identical for every product, including Intuit's own AI. Anytime someone adds a new 'this, that or another' there is going to be a need for clients to learn "what works best" using the new software.

As far as the 'file size', I am not as concerned about that as in the past because of the improvements in use of RAM Cache by QuickBooks which makes it possible to effectively support larger file sizes (in Enterprise for certain), and still tweak performance to an acceptable state. List size for Pro/Premier users could remain an issue, but my experience is that most users have already transitioned to Enterprise hoping for improved inventory before ever considering any of the solutions we are covering in this series of articles. At least with QStock and Rapid Inventory the majority of the 'extra data' is kept in a separate database thus reducing QB file 'potential size' in comparison to the Intuit Advanced Inventory and Pricing which simply adds more tables and data into the database.

Thanks again for your excellent comments, and being a reader.

Murph more than 3 years ago

Qstock Inventory

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Kim Wilson more than 3 years ago

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