Intuit Has Withdrawn Release 7 For QuickBooks 2015 Desktop Versions

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Does this fix the R6P custom field bug...

...described here: ?

Murph, I see mention of two custom field bug fixes in your article, but I'm uncertain whether they pertain to this specific bug, and Intuit has not provided the email notification described on that Web page (at least I haven't gotten notification).

Mark Wilsdorf more than 1 year ago

Can't download

I've tried downloading this for two days. Every time I select the software "Enterprise", then version "15", it brings up the pop-up again asking which software I'm using. Is there another way to get this? I'd like to test it and see if it fixes the multi-user problem in Enterprise that causes custom field sub-totals not to add correctly.

Chris Surico more than 2 years ago


Try using a different browswer; especially if you are using I.E., Intuit says that Chrome is their preferred browser for almost everything Intuit. Also try clearing your cookies.

Murph more than 2 years ago

QB manager sync

I wonder if QB has come out with a release to correct the manager sync on desktop version 2015?

Nelda Lopez more than 2 years ago

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