Intuit Announces New Practice Management for QBOA



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So... where is it?

End of April has come and gone, and I still do not have the "Work" tab in my QBOA console.

Michael Mehr 105 days ago

IF it does what it promises ......

I am still trying to get over my disgust with Intuit regarding their decision to discontinue the client collaboration feature that used to be inside QBO. Now that was an extremely useful way to send questions (and files) back and forth without using e-mail and other tools. Very streamlined. You could track requests right inside QBO. Then they killed it.
So all this hullaballoo about some new "tool" - well, I am going to wait and see ...........

Bill Rogers 137 days ago

Much needed, but have concern

This is much needed for us accountants. And, a good solution is really missing from the marketplace. Integrated makes perfect sense. But I do have concerns because Intuit has a very nasty habit of rolling something out, then dropping it because it isn't a wild success or tremendous revenue generator, and everyone using it is left to scramble to figure something else out. I hope they roll this out with the right functionality and that it's here to stay.

Jeff Cecchini 138 days ago

Looks Awesom

I have been using Aero Workflow, to track my time. This looks like it will save me lots of time and the fact it is Free is even better.

Rebecca Neilson 139 days ago

QBOA Practice Management Tool

Finally!! Christmas may have come to us in April

Jeff Wilson 139 days ago

When will this happen!

I am so excited I have use every darn workflow app that exists!!

Tiffany 140 days ago

This is exciting...

I'll be interested in trying this out once it is released. It is fairly exciting to see some progress again with new features in QBOA.

Caleb L. Jenkins, CQP | Top Up-N-Comer ProAdvisor 140 days ago

Looks pretty amazing - especially at the price!

I was at the NY event last night and got a demo of the new Practice Management. It looks like it will be pretty slick. You will be able to add non-QBO or ProConnect Tax clients to add tasks for other clients. If you're using QBO Payroll, it will set up the tasks for you automatically. Ariege, from Intuit, also stressed that this is only V1. More good things to come. I saw what I liked, because I, as Murph said, use multiple ways to track tasks....including electronic post it notes on my desktop! Not efficient at all.

MB Raimondi 140 days ago

Thanks for the note MB: Quick follow up

Hey MB
Unfortunately I couldn't attend the NY event- any insights you can share on what's next for them?
Looks promising but would love to know more before investing further. Thank you!

David Cristello 139 days ago


This could be a game changer for me....if it works. Looking forward to testing it out!

natalie browne 140 days ago

QBOA Practice Management

Had a little preview of this yesterday and it is worth a closer look, especially if you are using QBOA. They already have interesting plans to enhance it and the price is great.

Caren Schwartz 140 days ago

Very cool!

Hi Caren!

Looks exciting, any idea what's in the pipeline? Looks promising but would love to know more before investing further. Thank you!

David Cristello 139 days ago

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