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Freshbooks and Outright

I started using Freshbooks with links to Outright which is a super simple accounting software that fine for me as a solo practitioner. I struggled with Quickbooks, because when I made a mistake it was hard for me, as a non-accounting type, to figure out how to fix.

Allen Cummings more than 2 years ago

As a freelancer

I am using for months now and their time tracking, expenses tracking and invoicing app is perfect for me. As a freelancer the fact that Nutcache is free is really good.

Mike more than 2 years ago

Thanks for the tip.....

Perhaps we will conduct a review and write an article on it; and thanks for reading Intuitive Accountant !

Murph more than 2 years ago

FreshBooks Integration with QBO

I sooo wish they would provide a "good" integration with QBO (not just journal entries)... and they've been promising it for a long time. It is a fantastic program, and to me, this is the only real problem with it... lack of integration with QuickBooks.

Gabrielle Fontaine more than 2 years ago

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