Find a ProAdvisor Profile Ratings Changes - Are they really fixed? UPDATE: Mine is Fixed !



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Your probably at the end of the list to get fixed like I was with

DP more than 2 years ago

My reviews and the write a review button is working but

I edited my profile last week and the changes are not showing up.

The other item that is missing is the link to my website.

Keith Gormezano more than 2 years ago

Will work offline with you on resolving issues with your profile update

Hi Keith,

Thanks for your comments! I will send you an email to find out more about your profile updates that are not showing up.
As for the "website" we will work on bringing the website link back up on the profile.

Jyothi Trishuleshwar more than 2 years ago

Thanks Jyothi for following up like you said you would

and contacting me. I look forward to seeing these issues fixed.

In the meantime, I have put a link to my website in my about me section and I provide the link to my website to folks who call or e-mail (I use a dedicated e-mail so I know how folks found me. I get 40% of my business from the Find a ProAdvisor website).

Keith Gormezano more than 2 years ago

Find a PA Profile

Mine seems fine. But I have two, they appear identical.

Laura Fischer more than 2 years ago

Duplicate profile removed.

Hi Laura, This is Jyothi from Intuit. We have removed the duplicate profile on your account, and you now appear only once on the Find-a-ProAdvisor directory! Thanks for letting us know!

Jyothi Trishuleshwar more than 2 years ago

Difference in distance as well

If you look at the default 30 mile view, the advisors are listed, when you change to a lessor distance in my case 20 miles, the advisors that are above me in the 30 mile view are now below me. This doesn't make sense. Either I outrank them or not. Right now I just hope that clients use the 20 mile view. Personally I think the default of 30 miles is too big anyway. The new sorting/ranking system now pulls in so many advisors from out of the area that I am listed quite low in the list, yet I am searching on my home zip code and so I am at 0 distance. I would have hoped that distance would be a factor in listing advisors.

Petra Davis more than 2 years ago

Distance/Radius impacts ranking algorithm

Hi Petra,

This is Jyothi from Intuit. Thanks for the feedback about how distance and radius impact the ranking of search results - we will definitely keep this in mind for our subsequent ranking algorithm updates. Here is our perspective (Based on research with small businesses that use the directory to find professionals) - As you know ranking is based on total points for your profile based on a number of factors including the ProAdvisor's distance. Now, a given distance will earn the ProAdvisor more points when the search radius is bigger - For e.g. if a ProAdvisor is 10 miles from a small business owner (SBO) searching, and if the SBO is willing to go upto 30 miles, then the ProAdvisor is at a third of the distance SBO is willing to go. If the SBO limits the radius to 20 miles, then a ProAdvisor at 10 miles is at half the distance SBO is willing to go. This proportion is important -- A ProAdvisor who is at only a third the distance is "relatively" closer to the SBO (From the SBO's "willingness to travel" perspective), than the ProAdvisor who is at half their preferred maximum radius. So, it is this relative proximity rather than an absolute distance that impacts the algorithm, and so someone may appear at different ranking spots depending on the search radius.
Also, as for the default 30 mile radius - This was determined based on a quantitative study and feedback from SBO's at different places, conducted a few years back. Per your feedback, we will definitely review this closely when we redesign/tweak our ranking algorithms.

Jyothi Trishuleshwar more than 2 years ago

Find a Pro Advisor

I just checked my profile and I was able to click thru on the review button, but I did see right below my profile was another profile of me without any reviews..the first profile that looked correct with my certifications had 1 I don't know if you want to say that was fixed really..

Julianne Autry more than 2 years ago

Second profile removed

Hi Julianne, My name is Jyothi Trishuleshwar and I am a Product Manager with the ProAdvisor Program. We noticed there were two profiles published in your name - we went ahead and unpublished the second profile without the review. You now have only one public profile with all your certifications and the review.

Jyothi Trishuleshwar more than 2 years ago

ProAdvisor Review

I have 9 reviews and all of them have perfect 5 stars except for one of the Responsiveness lines was rated 4 stars. So, even though I had 36 - 5 star ratings, the one 4 star causes me to have a 4-star overall???!!!! Geee. I would only assume had one client select 3 stars on ONE of the lines, it would have made myoverall 3-stars? I'd rather not have reviews in that case.

Sandy more than 2 years ago

We are working on this average rating issue

Hi Sandy,

This is Jyothi from Intuit. I apologize for this issue with your profile. We are working on this issue with the mismatch between the average rating between the search results page and the profile page.
The good news is, your profile shows all 5 stars on the search results page (This is the one impacts your ranking, so you are considered 4.9 stars as far as the ranking itself is considered). We will however shortly make sure that the profile page matches the star rating on the search results page.

Jyothi Trishuleshwar more than 2 years ago

Thank you

Thank you for the reply Jyothi.

Sandy more than 2 years ago

ProAdvisor profile

It's fixed for mine. I had a couple of clients post a review just as this announcement was coming from Intuit. As I look, it seems like everything is working fine.

Lance Wilkins more than 2 years ago

Reviews not quite fixed

In my case, clients can now leave me reviews. Unfortunately, my overall review has dropped from 5 stars to 4 stars. Apparently, 2 years ago or more, a client did not rank me on all categories. This is now apparently being counted against me since it lowered my average score. I'm trying to get more 5 star ratings to hopefully improve my average rating.

Veronica Wasek more than 2 years ago

We are working on this issue

Hi Veronica,
This is Jyothi from Intuit. While you are doing the absolutely right thing in getting more people to write reviews for you (Will help your ranking!), please note that your rating showing as 4 stars is due to an issue in the system (Rounding down the average rating value). This is the same as the issue Sandy is referring to in her comment above. We are working on fixing this.
That said, please note that the "search results" page shows 5 stars against your profile (Which is closer to the 4.9+ average rating). The good news is, it is this "Search results" value that is used for the ranking. We will let you know when we fix the average rating on the profile page to match the search results page.

Jyothi Trishuleshwar more than 2 years ago


Thank Jyothi. I'm glad you are working on a fix.

Veronica Wasek more than 2 years ago

Find A Proadvisor

Mine profile was not working properly either a few weeks ago. I called about it. I just checked now and it all seems to be in order.

Sandy Oku more than 2 years ago

ProAdvisor Website - Write Review FIXED!!!

My profile is now fixed. I had seen different numbers and clients had called me to say they could not leave a review. I called Intuit several weeks ago and this was fixed for me then.

Leslie Simmons more than 2 years ago

Pro Advisor Rating Updates

The two items mentioned above are working in my profile, but the On-line Certification has disappeared, even though my certifcation locker shows an expiration date of 6/27/15.

Hal Rosen more than 2 years ago

Your Online Certification is still active (Until 6/27/2015)

Hi Hal,

This is Jyothi from Intuit - You may remember me from our brief conversation at the ProAdvisor booth at Scaling New Heights. I just wanted to let you know that your QBO certification is still active and acknowledged on your Find-a-ProAdvisor profile.
On the ProAdvisor member portal though, on the certification tab, you don't see the certification showing up right away because we now have a newer version of the exam (You need not take it until your certification is up for expiration, i.e. 6/27). And for acknowledgement that you have actually completed the QBO certification on the ProAdvisor portal, please go to "Certification History" by clicking on the link to history on the main certification tab. If you continue to have issue finding your QBO certification acknowledgement (Badge/Certificate), please contact our support or send me an email (jyothi_trishuleshwar at

Jyothi Trishuleshwar more than 2 years ago

Proadvisor Profile

Just checked mine. Reviews show up and the spining gumballs actually stop to reveal a working Write Review button. Sorry, Murph. Maybe they are working on this alphabetically?

Christy Bertani more than 2 years ago

Find-A-ProAdvisor Website

Intuit has really blown it on this one!! They seem to have "lost" about a dozen of my current reviews. While I have great working relationships with my clients, it would be extremely awkward to go back to them and ask them to repost. Can't express how frustrated and disappointed I am with the way Intuit has handled these "improvements". Hope this isn't their new way of doing business.

Renee Inman more than 2 years ago

Different issue with your reviews - Will reach out offline

Hi Renee,
This is Jyothi from Intuit. First of all, sorry for the missing reviews on your profile. This is probably a different issue from the ones Murph's blog post is referring to. I am following up with our ratings vendor on the cause for the missing reviews, and will reach out to you via email (that we have on file for you), sometime next week.

Jyothi Trishuleshwar more than 2 years ago

Fixed - yes and no

my profile is just the way you describe in one browser, but in IE 10 and Chrome, it seems to be working - at least at this specific day and time

Wayne Steelman more than 2 years ago

Clearing browser cookies and cache should resolve these issues

Hi Wayne,

This is Jyothi from Intuit. The issues you are seeing on one of the browsers should go away when you clear your browser cookies and cache, per Murph's update in the article above. If not, please let us know (Contact ProAdvisor support, or email me at jyothi_trishuleshwar at intuit dot com)

Jyothi Trishuleshwar more than 2 years ago

Features SO NOT fixed

I've had issues with my profile ever since Intuit tech decided that the only way to fix my login issue with QBOA was to create a new login and merge my PA into it. My ranking has dropped severely (I'm below people with far fewer certifications and older ones even though I'm current), my 10 reviews are still stuck to my old "master" PA login and if you click on View Profile, it circles back to where you enter the zip code and number of miles. This has been going on since February - time for me to call in again and see what they can break this time. Good thing is, I'm able to log into QBOA and IOP without issue.

Nancy Gomez more than 2 years ago

We will get back to you shortly after resolving issues with your profile

Hi Nancy,

Very sorry about the issues with your profile. I will take a look at your profile together with our engineers and get back to you within the next week, with a resolution. Please accept my apologies once again. If you don't see an email from me by the end of next week, please reach out to me at jyothi_trishuleshwar at Intuit dot com.

Jyothi Trishuleshwar more than 2 years ago

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