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I've been using/recommending The SuperManager since the beginning; I actually bugged them to death to create the 'Lite' version of the software about 16 years ago. It's a wonderful program with a low entry cost (however it's quite rich in features) and low learning curve.

My favorite way to set users up is using the date as the customer name. This way we have no more than 365 'customers' per year; yet we have a sales receipt for each order - sweet :-) For multiple sales channels we append a letter to the sales receipts to make it easy to know what sales are from Amazon vs. eBay, Shopify, etc. They also have a few other options to break these out if they need to see the information easier on the P&L.

You can use a generic item or let the software build out your SKU's - even if they use alternate/variable SKUs ... of course building the SKU's out will only work well for merchants with a manageable amount of items.

We ALWAYS use a -0- dollar sales receipt and the sales tax is a line item - that way QBs doesn't recalculate anything. The Sales Tax report in QuickBooks will work fine; although it does look a little 'weird' - but once you explain to the customer how to use it then it's no problem.

It's an easy transition from the Lite version to their Full version; which offers a number of additional features – think order management type features. Their customer service/support has always been top-notch and their user forum is amazing – they monitor it and respond daily (usually within hours!) and their user manual is quite complete and easy to use.

I’ve been recommending/using it since it was released and have always been pleased (so have the customers). For many this is all they ever need; for others it’s a great stepping stone until they grow large enough to need something like Monsoon or one of the others.

I'm glad you wrote about it; and even happier I could add my 2 cents here :-)

Rox :-)

Rox more than 1 year ago

Thanks for contibuting

I always love when readers provide their own 'here is what I think' about a particular product (good or bad).

Murph more than 1 year ago

Thanks for the update

Murph, thanks for the article. I agree, the one I used to recommend (Webgility) priced themselves out of the running. I still use T-Hub, which works well, but I will keep my eyes open for this one.

Jim Savage more than 1 year ago

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